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Name Phone Department
Ramert, Lynn 561-237-7446 College of Arts and Sciences
Rampersad, Alison 561-237-7232 College of Business and Management
Ramsey, Ellen 561-237-7628 College of Business and Management
Randall, Kimon 561-237-7193 Student Financial Services
Reed, Karen 561-237-7751 Student Financial Services
Reese, Marc 561-237-9006 Conservatory of Music
Rego, Joey 561-237-7982 Network Services
Regueiro, Antonella 561-237-7613 College of Arts and Sciences
Reich, Robert 561-237-7104 College of Business and Management
Reyes, Jennifer 561-237-7144 Information Systems
Rice, Christopher 561-237-7438 College of Arts and Sciences
Rickard, Larry 561-237-7118 Campus Safety
Riedel, Robert 561-237-7211 College of Arts and Sciences
Rinschler, Paul 561-237-7048 Auxiliary Services
Riordan, Phil 561-237-7749 Student Affairs
Robertson, Jon 561-237-7702 Conservatory of Music
Robinson, David 561-237-7257 Auxiliary Services
Robinson, Joseph 561-237-9001 Conservatory of Music
Robinson, Sharon 561-237-7098 College of International Communication
Rogers, Angela 561-237-7133 Academic Affairs
Rogers, Jawaun 561-237-7154 Student Involvement
Roman, Johanna 561-237-7480 Auxiliary Services
Rootes, John 561-237-7243 Athletics
Ross, Dr. Donald 561-237-7782 Office of the President Emeritus
Ross, Kevin 561-237-7823 Office of the President
Rossi, Patty 561-237-7312 Pine Tree Camps
Rowland, Kimberly 561-237-7208 College of Arts and Sciences
Rubio, Marcelo 561-237-7832 Admission
Ruhl, Joy 561-237-7083 College of Education
Russell, Jamie 561-237-7629 Marketing and Communication
Rust, Roberta 561-237-9009 Conservatory of Music