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Name Phone Department
Packer, Baraka 561-237-7295 Accounts Payable
Papaleo, Stefano 561-237-7831 Admission
Paul, Rodguer 561-237-7375 Campus Safety
Pauletti, Rachel 561-237-7615 College of Arts and Sciences
Payne, Adam 561-237-7319 Institute for Achievement & Learning
Payne, Cheryl Campus Safety
Pearlman, Vivian 561-237-7941 Student Financial Services
Peeler, David School of Aeronautics
Perez, Alexander 561-237-7918 Athletics
Perez, Michael 561-237-7241 Athletics
Perkins, Leigh 561-237-7125 Marketing and Communication
Peroni, Matteo 561-237-7652 College of Business and Management
Perron, Nicole 561-237-7830 Marketing and Communication
Perumalraja, Malarvizhi 561-237-7166 Information Systems
Peterson, Amanda 561-237-7379 Campus Safety
Peterson, Kristen 561-237-7957 Marketing and Communication
Peterson, Peggy 561-237-7766 Institute for Achievement & Learning
Petroski, Mike 561-237-7007 Instructional Design
Pezo, Jose 561-237-7382 Campus Safety
Phillips, Martin 561-237-7096 College of International Communication
Pickering, John 561-237-7204 College of Arts and Sciences
Pickering, Mark 561-237-7445 College of Arts and Sciences
Pierre, Leonard 561-237-7051 Athletics
Pierre, Patrick 561-237-7383 Campus Safety
Piperno, Christopher 561-237-7744 Athletics
Piret, Maria 561-237-7355 Information Systems
Pirttima, Brian 561-237-7076 Center for Learning Abroad
Plexico, Lydee 561-237-7951 Athletics
Polley, Frances Campus Safety
Porter, Dee 561-237-7757 Hannifan Center for Career Connections
Powers, Stefanie 561-237-7427 College of International Communication
President, Dian 561-237-7827 Marketing and Communication
Price, Deborah 561-237-7961 College of Business and Management
Price, Jeff 561-237-7053 Athletics
Prieto, David 561-237-7959 IT Support Services
Pruitt, Steven 561-237-7834 Admission
Pupo, Carol 561-237-7914 Employee Services
Putnam, Sydney 561-237-7967 Marketing and Communication