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Name Phone Department
Babb, Joy 561-237-7457 University Events
Bach, Barbara 561-237-7346 Health Center
Bagnoni, Dan 561-237-7410 College of Arts and Sciences
Bailey, Kara 561-237-7953 Residence Life
Bald, Gerry 561-237-7875 Office of Development and Alumni Affairs
Ballard, Marlena 561-237-7809 Institute for Achievement & Learning
Barioli, Angela 561-237-7288 Dean of Administration
Barioli, Dora 561-237-7269 Office of Development and Alumni Affairs
Barnett, Leecy 561-237-7059 Library
Barr, Anna 561-237-7832 Admission
Barr, Charles 561-237-7417 College of Business and Management
Bauberger, Stacey 561-237-7069 Institute for Achievement & Learning
Beattie, Chad 561-237-7341 Athletics
Beattie, Chey 561-237-7259 Admission
Beaulieu, Paul 561-237-7337 College of Arts and Sciences
Belafonte-Young, Denise 561-237-7334 College of International Communication
Bellisari, Amy 561-237-7261 Athletics
Benavides, Ruth 561-237-7903 Finance
Bender, Becca 561-237-7155 Student Involvement
Bennardo, John 561-237-7354 College of International Communication
Berdelao, Ronaldo 561-237-7946 Finance
Bernstein, Eldon 561-237-7008 College of Business and Management
Bialakis, Lynn 561-237-7893 University Events
Bickley, Cheryl 561-237-7818 Office of Development and Alumni Affairs
Billups, Shantell 561-237-7298 Copy Center
Blake, Carmeta 561-237-7498 College of International Communication
Boerger, Priscilla 561-237-7082 College of Education
Bogert, Melissa 561-237-7318 Pine Tree Camps
Bolduc, Mike 561-237-7180 Finance
Bonds, Denisha 561-237-7287 Career Services
Boniforti, Alfredo 561-237-7173 Purchasing
Boniforti, Christian 561-237-7163 Office of the CIO
Bonincontri, Bonnie 561-237-7335 College of Arts and Sciences
Bosio, Anthony 561-237-7687 Marketing and Communication
Bowser, Brian 561-237-7022 Dining Services
Bozhilov, Veselin 561-237-7072 Library
Brandt, Jay 561-237-7947 Office of Development and Alumni Affairs
Bridie, Jennifer 561-237-7231 Health Center
Bronstein, Susan S. 561-237-7879 Admission
Burack, Wayne 561-237-7217 Facility Services
Burke, Patricia 561-237-7814 Student Financial Services
Burlison, Kelly 561-237-7046 College of Education
Burnstine, Andrew 561-237-7029 College of Business and Management
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