Campus Safety

Phone Number




Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Bridgett Addison

Phone: 561-237-7399

Guitto Charles

Patrol Officer
Phone: 561-237-7397

Wisrick Chelot

Patrol Officer
Phone: 561-237-7398

Loren Cohen

Senior Security Supervisor
Phone: 561-237-7394

Robert D'Agostino

Security Dispatch
Phone: 561-237-7378

Lenoris Hester

Security Patrol
Phone: 561-237-7380

Thomas Kirkham

Phone: 561-237-7396

Raymond Lauderback

Security Patrol
Phone: 561-237-7381

Travis Major

Shift Supervisor
Phone: 561-237-7395

Amanda Peterson

Security Dispatch
Phone: 561-237-7379

Jose Pezo

Security Patrol
Phone: 561-237-7382

Patrick Pierre

Security Patrol
Phone: 561-237-7383

Mitch Posner

Phone: 561-237-7389
Larry Rickard

Larry Rickard

Director of Campus Safety and Security
Phone: 561-237-7118

Brian Siliquini

Assistant Chief
Phone: 567-237-7401

Robert Sokul

Security Supervisor
Phone: 561-237-7393

William Wells

Security Patrol
Phone: 561-237-7392