Dominic Liberta

B.S., C.F.I., C.F.I.I.
Assistant Chief Flight Instructor
Dominic Liberta


Phone: 561-237-7325
Fax: 561-237-7928

Office Location

Burton D. Morgan School of Aeronautics

Professional Profile

Dominic Liberta completed his Bachelor of Science degree and acquired his flight ratings up to, and including, the Commercial-Multi Engine Land through his training and education at Lynn University. After graduation, Liberta received his flight instruction ratings and has been a flight instructor at Lynn since November 2012. His familiarization with the program allows him to easily relate to the students.


  • B.S., Lynn University

Teaching Philosophy

Dominic Liberta believes that it is important to have a strong relationship with his students.  He can easily relate to the students since, at one point, he was in their same shoes. Liberta believes that students need to have a strong understanding of aviation on the ground and in the air. He therefore makes sure to emphasize that throughout all his instruction.

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