Children on campus


The purpose of this Children on Campus Policy (“Policy”) is to promote the health, safety, and welfare of Minor Children on campus and to establish guidelines for supervisors and course instructors who are responsible for addressing issues of Minor Children in the workplace and classroom or laboratory/research facilities. It also outlines responsibilities for parents and caregivers for any Minor Children they are permitted to bring to University facilities, whether they are students, staff, or faculty/instructors.


Campus grounds and infrastructure are designed to provide an environment conducive to academic and work activities performed by students and employees. For reasons that include safety of minor children and assuring professional efficient performance of academic pursuits, operations, and services, the University will not accommodate minor children in campus workplaces, classrooms, laboratories, and physical plants without proper permission from an authorized member of the University community. This policy does not prohibit children from the campus when the purpose of their visit is to attend classes or to participate in activities or programs specifically approved and scheduled for their benefit (i.e., Lynn University athletic camps, sponsored family activities, etc.).

Lynn University recognizes and respects the need to accommodate lactating mothers who choose to express breast milk, without discrimination. Lactating mothers may have an infant brought to campus periodically for breastfeeding in an area specifically designated for this purpose by the employee’s supervisor or student’s instructor. Employees may leave work to breastfeed an infant during a break time or lunch hour. Mothers may also pump breast milk in appropriate areas. The University is not equipped to address sanitation or food safety concerns and shall not take responsibility for the storage or safekeeping of pumped breast milk.


Minor Children—children under the age of 18, with the exception of employees and enrolled students.


The University recognizes there may be an occasion when it becomes necessary to accommodate a minor child on campus. When those circumstances arise, the following guidelines shall be followed:

1. Children visiting campus for any reason must be under direct supervision at all times. A student, or employee bringing a child to campus is solely responsible for the child’s supervision, safety, and actions and may not ask another student, or employee to accept responsibility for looking after the child.

2. The University cannot and will not accept liability for the child’s presence on campus.

Children shall not be brought to campus as a replacement for childcare services. If an emergency situation arises that requires employees to obtain alternate childcare, Lynn University will make a reasonable effort to provide the employee with a reasonable amount of time away without pay for arranging alternate childcare.

For more information about this policy, contact Employee Services.

Policy updated on: Oct. 24, 2018