Pakeezah Zubairi, Lynn’s youngest MBA graduate

Pazeekah Zubairi smiles in front of the international flags at Lynn.

A 16-year-old Pakeezah Zubairi began her freshman year at Lynn University in 2015 with C-suite dreams and a will to succeed. She completed her Bachelor of Science in just over two years, and her master’s degree was conferred Aug. 27, 2018. Zubairi became Lynn's youngest MBA graduate—just a few days before her 20th birthday.

The road to Lynn

MBA graduate Pakeezah Zubairi poses proudly in graduation attire with President Kevin M. Ross.
Lynn's youngest graduate, Pakeezah Zubairi stands proudly with President Kevin M. Ross.

When Zubairi ’17, ’18 began high school, she became motivated to begin her future as soon as possible. She worked closely with her guidance counselor to take extra courses and participate in dual enrollment in partnership with local universities to graduate two years ahead of her classmates.

For university, Zubairi dreamed of earning a quality education that would allow her to hit the ground running in the workforce. A personalized experience with an innovative approach was also important.

“I attended iPrep Academy in Miami where I learned exclusively through Apple technology, so it’s the style of learning I know best,” said Zubairi. “Lynn’s iPad-powered curriculum, three-year degree and small class sizes made my decision simple.”

Striving for success

Influenced by her interest in the human psyche, Zubairi pursued her undergraduate degree in psychology while working in Employee Services. There, she found guidance in Aaron Greenberg, the department’s director, who helped her understand human resources from employee relations to recruitment.

“Pakeezah is a remarkable individual,” said Greenberg. “As a student worker, she applied herself conscientiously, learned quickly and made significant contributions to our team. I am incredibly proud of how far she has come.”

Zubairi’s experience helped her decide to pursue an MBA in human resource management.

“The decision to pursue my MBA wasn’t an easy one,” said Zubairi. “When I returned to Lynn, I had only $200 and my personal belongings. Within six months, I found a job in corporate America, bought a car and moved off campus—all while completing my degree.”

Today, Zubairi works as a senior human resource specialist for a large company in Boca Raton, Florida. She plans to buy her first home in the near future, and—ambitious as ever—to be accepted into a Ph.D. program.

“My achievements would not have been possible without the support of my Lynn family,” Zubairi added. “I have gained a great deal at the place I am most grateful for, and the lessons I have learned will always be on my mind and in my heart.”

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