Counseling Center earns reaccreditation

Center provides vital services for Lynn’s student population

The Lynn University Counseling Center was recently reaccredited by the International Association of Counseling Services (IACS), the accreditation body for university and college counseling centers, through 2024. 

Lynn was the first private university in Florida to be accredited in 2010, and remains the only private Florida school to earn the designation.  

Lynn’s center—evaluated for its compliance with the IACS standards, the highest standards available for campus counseling centers—was found to offer outstanding professional services to its clientele. 

“Meeting the full requirements for reaccreditation affirms the quality of services our center continually provides to enhance the lives of college students,” said Nicole Ovedia, director of the center.  

Lynn was the first private university in Florida to be accredited in 2010, and remains the only private Florida school to earn the designation.

In spring 2017, the center provided 1,200 individual therapy sessions. For many users, these services could make the difference between graduating or not. 

One parent was so grateful for the services his student received, he made a donation to Lynn. He said if it were not for the continued care provided by the counseling center, his child would not have graduated.

 “This population [college-age students] is attending college with more complex psychological issues today than in the past,” said Ovedia. “College students seeking mental health treatment continues to increase nationwide. Continually here at Lynn and at other colleges, the top three reasons students seek services are depression, anxiety and relationships.”  

Ovedia audited other university’s counseling centers as a site visitor and says it is helpful to be exposed to the different centers and see how Lynn’s services compare. 

“I have to say we’re ahead of the curve in so many areas,” she said. 

For instance, the recommended minimum counselor-to-student ratio is one counselor per 1,500 students. Lynn has four counselors for its almost 3,000 students.

See more information about Lynn’s Counseling Center services

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