University hosts annual Founders Day

Event commemorates 25 years as Lynn

Lynn hosted its 11th annual Founders Day celebration on Nov. 1 to celebrate its history since inception as Marymount College in 1962.

This year’s event focused on the past 25 years. In 1991, the college reached university status and was named to honor longtime benefactors Eugene M. and Christine E. Lynn.

The day kicked off with breakfast in the Elmore Dining Commons where Lynn President Kevin M. Ross’ welcome address highlighted the university’s great beginnings and recognized special guests who have had a hand in shaping its history. 

“Our university has grown tremendously over the past 25 years,” said President Ross. “Today we remember what we have accomplished, and celebrate the people who helped make it happen.” 

After breakfast, students and employees gathered by Freiburger lake for the much-anticipated Canoe Challenge. Winners were crowned in six categories:

  • Traditional Canoe Race (employees)
    • First place: Dylan Kendrick, Adam Payne, Marlena Coco 
    • Second place: President Ross, Anthony Altieri, Alex Keller 
    • Third place: Ashleigh Fowles, Steven King, Gareth Fowles
  • Traditional Canoe Race (student)  
    • First place: David Gibson, Shebach Tyus, Roland Morrison 
    • Second place: David Czarlinski, Ashley Balisteri, Maria Kahn 
    • Third place: Alberto Gomez, Reyna Wilheim, Ashley Balisteri
  • Two-Man Speed Race 
    • David Gibson and Sheback Tyus
  • Best Team Apparel/Costumed  
    • First place: Chad Beattie, Alex Slocum, Brian Vogler 
    • Runners-up: Stacy Lanigan, Anne Marie Van Casteren, Cameron Gill, Robert Nealon, Fabio Salhuana, Kelvin Ma
  • Most Spectacular/Entertaining Sinking 
    • Chase Calararo, Pete Masters, Collin McClelland
  • Golden Paddle 
    • Dylan Kendrick, Adam Payne, Marlena Coco

The day culminated with a Family Picnic on the Schmidt lawn. The Lynn community—and their families and friends—enjoyed food, live music, festival attractions and a Golf Cart Parade. 

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