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Zachary Levitetz

Zachary Levitetz ’12 is an artist, an athlete and a marine life fanatic. He is also a philanthropist. As a board member of the Levitetz Family Foundation in Boca Raton, which supports dozens of local, national and international causes, Levitetz has been part of the team responsible for generous gifts to Lynn, including key projects like the Remembrance Plaza. In the last five years, the Levitetz Family Scholarship has given $125,000 to 51 accomplished and deserving Lynn students.

“It just makes sense to give back to a place that gave me so much,” he said. “Lynn creates such a great college experience for so many students.”

When the Boca Raton native graduated with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, he pursued his passion for art, and found his niche: fine art photography. He specializes in underwater wildlife and the ocean, the more remote the better, like a shoot on the Crystal River in west Florida’s Citrus County.

“It just makes sense to give back to a place that gave me so much.”

Zachary Levitetz

“There was one day when I was completely alone in the amazing Three Sisters Springs with about 100 manatees—six or seven of them were all fighting for my attention at the same time,” Levitetz said. “I was the only person in the springs at the time, and it was truly an incredible experience.”

Levitetz credits graphic design professors Kip Miller and Mark Coné and photography professor Ellen Stern for his skill with Photoshop. “I use it on a daily basis,” he said.

Processing photos might be crucial to his art, but Levitetz, owner of Zachary Levitetz Photography LLC, would much prefer to be deep under the waves. Or riding them on a surfboard. He finds himself calmest when he is shooting in adventure mode, enthralled by high-adrenalin experiences others find terrifying. “I love the days I’m face-to-face—in open water—with animals like sharks, manatees and whales,” he said.

To him, the risk is worth the reward. Levitetz’s work has been published in Luxe Interiors + Design, Artblend magazine and Vero Beach Portfolio magazine, where his piece—a baby sea turtle amidst a sleek school of fish—landed prime real estate: the cover.

When he’s on dry land? He’s a sea turtle nest monitor for the town of Gulf Stream, Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitor and, of course, proud Lynn alumnus. “My definition of living a good life: be happy, take care of your family and give back to something you feel connected with.”

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