Lynn magazine print edition

Lynn Magazine 2016 Cover

Lynn Magazine – Annual Edition 2016

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Main Stories

  • Learning like pros
  • College success 101
  • Keeping campus top-notch
Lynn Magazine Cover 2015

Lynn Magazine – Annual Edition 2015

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Main Stories

  • College reimagined
  • A sanctuary for all
  • Peppers help Lynn stay focused on the future
Magazine Mini Cover F14

Lynn Magazine – Annual edition 2014

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Main Stories

  • A new headquarters for business innovation
  • A mini revolution comes to Lynn
  • From Fighting Knight to ESPN spotlight
Commemorative 2013

Lynn magazine — Commemorative Issue 2013 — Vol. 9, No. 1

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Main Stories

  • 50 things we love about Lynn
  • The presidential debate experience
Spring Summer 2012

Lynn Magazine – Spring Summer 2012

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Main Stories

  • Teachable moments
  • Citizen's Lynn
  • Driven to make a difference
Fall Winter 2011

Lynn Magazine – Fall/Winter 2011

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Main Stories

  • The head of his class
  • Fresh starts
  • Aha!
Spring 2011

Lynn Magazine – Spring 2011

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Main Stories

  • A home away from home
  • A new home for the performing arts
  • The Lynn network

Magazine Winter 2010

Lynn Magazine – Winter 2010

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Main Stories

  • Student power
  • Lessons that change lives
  • The Littlest Caregivers

Spring 2009

Lynn Magazine – Spring 2009

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Main Stories

  • The Dialogues of Learning
  • Bringing ultimate frisbee to Belize
  • Keeping yum
Summer 2008

Lynn University – Summer 2008

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Main Stories

  • Degrees of difficulty
  • Composing a masterpiece
  • World of creativity
Winter 2008

Lynn University – Winter 2008

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Main Stories

  • Push the limit
  • The blog squad
  • Doing the math

Summer 2007

Lynn Magazine – Summer 2007

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Main Stories

  • Best of both worlds 
  • Academic enterprise 
  • Now I know 
Winter 2007

Lynn University – Winter 2007

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Size: 9.2 MB

Main Stories

  • Hope takes wings 
  • Let them entertain you 
  • Learning goes back to the drawing board 
Summer 2006

Lynn University – Summer 2006

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Size: 6.85 MB

Main Stories

  • A conversation with Lynn's new President
  • Hospitality’s wave of the future 
  • Triumph times 2 
Winter 2005

Lynn University – Winter 2005

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Size: 6.93 MB

Main Stories

  • Forward thinking 
  • Learning with a difference
  • The picture of good teaching
Summer 2005

Lynn Magazine – Summer 2005

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Size: 7.15 MB

Main Stories

  • Family tradition
  • Fantastic voyage
  • Destination: Lynn
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We are Lynn

Img 2692
Lynn University from the sky
William Levy, staff member
Img 2545
Take-off on a 90-minute discovery flight I took with Chief Flight Instructor Dave Peeler
William Levy, staff member
Img 7170
Soaking up the sun during summer sessions ☀️
Breanna Devlin, student
Img 7129
A baby palm spotted at Frieburger
Breanna Devlin, student
Jerusalem Israel
Jerusalem, Israel, March 2017
Mildred Mendez, student
Img 9800
She's a dreamer. A doer. A thinker. She sees possibility everywhere.
Blessy Alexander, student

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