What is sports management?

What is sports management?

Are you a die-hard sports fan? Want to incorporate your passion for the game into your career? A degree in sports management lets you cash in on the exciting world of sports and recreation from a business standpoint. With a sports management degree, you have a wide range of potential career opportunities, including broadcasting, facility management, fundraising, public relations and much more.

Career options for sports management managers:

Sports manager

Sports managers work for colleges, recreation departments, professional sports teams and sports marketing firms. They handle the business side of sports so that players receive proper training. Sports managers do a variety of tasks including hiring coaches, drafting players, handling media relations, organizing events and overseeing the sports facility.

A sports manager handles business activities which can include all or some of the following:

●  Finding the best athletes: Sports managers hire and fire athletes at the professional level. They also negotiate contracts with athletes to bring them onto the team. At the college level, they work with recruiters to find high school talent and recruit athletes to their school’s team.

●  Business responsibilities: Sports managers handle the budgets of their organizations and the salaries of all athletes, coaches and other staff. They are responsible for ticket sales and merchandising sports goods.

●  Marketing responsibilities: Some sports managers act as sports marketers. They help the team gain corporate sponsors and endorsements. They also handle press conferences and organize events.

Sports broadcaster

Sports broadcasters provide live coverage to capture the feeling of the game for viewers and listeners by sharing their analysis and commentary. They can perform on the Internet, radio or TV.

Sports blogger

Sports bloggers are writers who share insights and news related to a sport or team on the Internet. They can be hired by online sports magazines, team websites or write on their personal blog.

Advertising manager

Advertising managers plan campaigns that generate public interest in a sporting event or a team’s merchandise. They work in advertising agencies or sports-related organizations. They usually specialize in a specific area such as digital media, TV or radio.

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