What is social entrepreneurship?

What is social entrepreneurship?

Want to change the world by finding informed, innovative solutions to economic, environmental or social problems? You may be a social entrepreneur in the making. Social entrepreneurs use business skills to help organizations successfully address social concerns. Although a social entrepreneur takes profits into account, they measure the success of a business against other achievements, like impact and improvements made for their cause. 

Example of social entrepreneurship

Many social entrepreneurs start businesses that promote a preexisting cause or established charity close to their hearts. Others focus on starting new philanthropic endeavors or nonprofits to support unique causes or approaches. 

A great example of a successful social entrepreneur is Blake Mycoskie, the founder of TOMS shoes. The TOMS shoes business model offers a one-for-one strategy. Every time someone buys a pair of TOMS shoes, the company donates a pair to a child in need. This was a unique strategy to relieve an existing social problem.

Characteristics of social entrepreneurs

Social entrepreneurs tend to be compassionate people invested deeply in the welfare of others, causes or societal issues. They focus on using their talents to help others. 

Being an entrepreneur means having resilience. Entrepreneurs must adapt to change, take risks, accept the inevitability of failure and welcome feedback to improve endeavors. There is a lot of uncertainty and trial and error. If you have these qualities, along with an innovative approach to business, then you should look into social entrepreneurship jobs.  

Becoming a social entrepreneur

There are many different career paths you can follow as a social entrepreneur. Maybe you want to dive right in and found a startup—provided you have the capital. Perhaps you want to get started with a non-profit organization to see if social entrepreneurship is right for you. 

Some popular entry points to social entrepreneurship jobs include careers in fundraising, public relations or even higher up in management, such as a director of operations. 

Get started with Lynn

Want to be a social entrepreneur? Whether you want to create a company or work for a charitable organization, a Bachelor of Science in social entrepreneurship will give you the skills you need to build your business from the ground up and help change the world.  

Another option is to choose a bachelor’s degree in business administration. This will not only give you the management and business skills necessary for entrepreneurship, but also a better understanding of social changes and how they correlate to business. 

After you complete your bachelor’s degree, consider strengthening your start by working toward a master’s degree in business administration. This type of degree offers a variety of concentrations to craft your perfect career. For a more hands-on approach, check out the social impact lab

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