What is healthcare management?

Are you business savvy and passionate about serving people in the healthcare industry? Healthcare management involves directing and coordinating the way care is delivered in clinics, hospitals and nursing homes. With the baby boomer generation aging, career opportunities in healthcare management are rising rapidly. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, job opportunities in this field are expected to grow at a rate of 20 percent through 2026, much faster than most careers.

What do healthcare managers do?

Healthcare managers are also called medical and health services managers or healthcare administrators. Depending on the facility, healthcare managers direct the entire facility or a specific department of healthcare workers. They constantly seek out ways to improve patient care and the quality of healthcare services.

Characteristics of healthcare managers include a unique blend of administration, communication and research skills. Business administration and budgeting skills are important for managing finances and organizing facility records. As strong communicators, healthcare managers act as a liaison between the medical staff and department heads. They also represent the facility at governing boards and investor meetings. Their other duties include enforcing compliance with laws and hiring medical staff.

Salary: Salaries range from $50,000-$81,000. The average base salary is $66,940.

Other healthcare management jobs

Patient services manager

Patient services managers work directly with medical staff and patients to implement policies. They also make sure the staff obeys procedures and supervise the cleaning, maintenance and repairs of equipment.

Salary: Salaries range from $54,000-$101,000. The average base salary is $77,957.

Medical records manager

Medical records managers maintain and secure all written and electronic medical records within a healthcare facility. They also ensure the information contained in the records is accurate, complete and only available to the authorized personnel.

Salary: Salaries range from $32,000-$64,000. The average base salary is $44,418.

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