What can I do with a digital media degree?

digital media degree

Do you want to create digital media to entertain and educate different target audiences? With a digital media degree, you gain practical skills and experience while learning the applications of digital media in industries, such as communications, film, graphic design and technology. 

If you already have an undergraduate degree, you can advance your career with a Master of Science in digital media or with a certificate in digital media. No matter which path you choose, Lynn University's digital media courses boost existing techniques and help you reach more advanced positions in less time. 

Top 5 jobs for digital media graduates:

1. Multimedia specialist

Multimedia specialists design, develop and deliver multimedia packages for businesses in order to promote specific products or services. These packages can include ads, presentations and other forms of multimedia used in business. These specialists work for businesses, charities and governments that need content for entertainment, marketing and training.

Salary: $32,616-$119,025. The average base salary is $62,306.

2. Public relations specialist

Public relations specialists frequently handle outbound communications, particularly those of a sensitive nature. They also craft and maintain flattering public images of companies they represent and spread awareness of the organization and its goals to the public. Public relations specialists help an organization or clients communicate with the public through press releases and digital media campaigns. They may also make sure that advertising campaigns correspond with the business’ overall image.    

Salary: $46,000-$73,000. The average base salary is $53,241.

3. Social media manager

Social media managers build and maintain brand awareness by developing marketing strategies and content for a business’ social media accounts. Working in a creative, content and/or marketing team, social media managers are responsible for growing audience reach and engagement. They create social media content, including copywriting, video, photography, etc. Social media managers stay on top of the latest social media trends, technologies and watch the analytics to reach a target audience.

Salary: $14,000-$92,000. The average base salary is $43,067.

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4. Web content manager

Web content managers have a deep understanding of how to identify, create and maintain the content of a website. They oversee what content is created for a company’s website and often create or manage a team that creates content. They assign specific content assignments to employees that correspond to achieving site and page goals. They also monitor a website’s demographics, traffic, search engine ranking and other metrics to assess website performance. 

Salary: $40,000-$78,000. The average base salary is $56,609.

5. Film producer

If you have a knack for managing people and an artistic eye, many film producers start out with digital media degrees. Film producers make sure a movie appeals to the target audience, falls within budget and meets deadlines. They supervise everything from developing the script to distributing the movie to theaters. They manage hundreds of individuals and are in charge of assembling the crew, hiring the director and supervising casting. They also coordinate the post-production work including commissioning music and editing. 

Salary: $37,000-$81,000. The average base salary is $61,762.

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A Master of Science in communication with a specialization in digital media from Lynn University bolsters your knowledge of digital media and opens a world of new of career possibilities. You can study a range of digital story-telling techniques including animation, digital art and design, media studies, social media, video production and more. With these skills, you will also learn how to create persuasive messages for district audiences. 

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