Top 5 liberal arts degrees

liberal arts degrees

Do you have talent in persuasion, public speaking and writing or want to hone these skills? A degree in liberal arts teaches you vital critical thinking skills and how to see beyond your own perspective. Beyond soft skills, a liberal arts degree teaches you skills in the area of your future career. At Lynn University, we focus on both theory and practical application.

Here are 5 of our top liberal arts degrees at Lynn University:

1. Advertising, social media and public relations

Discover how to design, develop and launch persuasive campaigns with a degree in advertising, social media and public relations. Through class projects, you will gain hands-on learning experiences for digital design, social media and television. With this degree, you will be ready for careers such as marketing manager, market research analyst or public relations manager.

2. Communication

Communications majors study traditional mass communication studies and how communication is affected by today’s media technology. With the skills you gain with this degree, you will learn how to stay on top of new technology trends. Discover how to make your message reach the world. Learn soft skills such as investigation, persuasion and social media. You will also learn technical skills such as creating content for print, radio, social media and TV. Communications majors have a wide variety of career opportunities including product management, public relations and web content management.

Develop your portfolio with on-campus positions such as iPulse newspaper, iPulse TV or Knight Radio. Or intern at a local media outlet.

3. Criminal Justice

Do you have a strong sense of justice and want to make a difference in your community? A degree in criminal justice gives you a background in the causes of crime and the application of justice. You will take courses in criminology, psychology and victimology. In this degree program, you have the opportunity to participate in internships in Washington, D.C. You will also get hands on experience by visiting local law enforcement agencies.

Use this degree to earn a job in forensics, law enforcement or social services. Or use it as a first step in going to law school.

4. Multimedia Journalism

Multimedia journalism brings journalism practices into the modern age. Learn how to combine images, text, videos and other graphics to tell compelling stories online. Courses in ethical journalism practices give you the background you need to investigate new stories and bring the truth to the world. Along with traditional journalism classes such as communication theory, investigation and reporting, you will also take courses in design, digital layout, photojournalism, social media and video editing.

During your time at Lynn, you can work at iPulse, our student newspaper and website. Build a high-quality portfolio that appeals to future employers with class projects and internships with local newsrooms.

5. Film and Television

Want to help bring your favorite movies and TV shows to life? A bachelor’s degree in film and television is the first step. Learn about all the stages of filmmaking and television, from pre-production to post-production.

Whether you know exactly what career you want in the film and television industry or are still deciding what career path is right for you, Lynn University gives you a solid background. Take classes in screenwriting, casting and sound recording. Learn how to use cutting-edge technology, including 3D and 360-degree cameras.


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