Top 5 careers for digital artists

digital artists

If you have an artistic eye and are interested in using a computer to make art, consider a major in digital arts and design. Digital artists create images for advertisements, books, film, video games and more.

Many digital artists graduate with a bachelors in digital art and design. Degrees in computer animation or graphic design are also beneficial depending on your desired career path. No matter which route you choose, there are a wide variety of opportunities available for digital artists. 

The most popular careers for digital artist majors:

1. Animator

Animation brings projects to life and stretches the boundaries of creativity. Animators work on projects including advertisements, film, television and video games. By using animation, design and illustration programs, animators bring characters and settings to life. A larger team first creates a storyboard, then animators produce and edit animation. They work with a variety of creatives including writers, directors, game designers and other animators.

2. Graphic designer

Graphic designers create products, logos, websites and other visual designs that appeal to consumers and convince them to buy a product. Using their knowledge of design, they may also contribute or focus on product design, Web page layout or other user experience. Using specialized programs, graphic designers create multiple models of a design. Then, the art or creative director chooses which design will best convince the target audience to buy the product.

3. Illustrator

While some illustrators work strictly by hand, many use digital art programs to touch up their art or work entirely in these programs. Many illustrators are self-employed or work on contract, hired for their specific art style by clients. They produce art for advertisements, children’s books, comics, magazines, packaging, posters and much more. They collaborate with editors and marketers to understand how to make their art attractive to the target audience. Then, they do relevant research and generate ideas through rough sketches. Once their rough sketch is approved, they produce a final piece for the client.

4. Advertising specialist

Advertising specialists contribute to the development and management of marketing campaigns. They identify target audiences and create data-informed advertising strategies and campaigns. Advertisers decide how to best reach the target audience, including content marketing, mailings, paid advertising, social media or other approaches. After getting their advertising plan approved, they manage the creation of ads and other content. If you are interested in becoming an advertising specialist, supplement your curriculum with classes in marketing and advertising.  

5. Photographer

Do you have a talent for framing shots so they are picture perfect? Photographers work in a variety of industries to bring impactful images to the world or create heartwarming pictures for individuals. Some photographers work with journalists while others are self-employed or work for companies. Some types of popular photography include aerial, commercial, event, portrait and scientific.

Being a photographer involves more than taking fantastic pictures. You also need to know how to take care of your equipment and understand photo editing and printing. A degree in digital art teaches you how to take eye-catching shots and edit your photos with a variety of design software.

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