International business jobs for any professional

Want a job that takes you around the world? With globalization, new employment opportunities have increased which give individuals a chance to work internationally. Employees with an international business degree are valuable for companies expanding or maintaining foreign business. Ranging from executives to marketing managers, these employees make a lasting impact on international businesses.

Top international business jobs

1.  International executive

International executives balance and maintain company interests and presence in a global marketplace. They create organizational strategies that advance company goals while managing employees around the world. Executives hold either overarching roles or roles specific to their department. Executive-level work requires extensive career development, generally rising through the ranks to higher levels of decision making and evaluation. Executives are accountable to higher level company stakeholders, requiring them to have a strong sense of ownership and interpersonal agility for high-level communication.

2. Bilingual sales representative

Do you know another language or plan to become fluent in a second language? International companies are in high demand for people fluent in multiple languages. Bilingual and multilingual sales representatives manage clients and contracts, negotiate sales and participate in sales initiatives where translation is necessary. They might also help create, launch or translate advertising campaigns into other languages.

3. International management analyst

Want to make a company run more efficiently? Management analysts work with upper management to identify, assess and offer insights on data for strategy and operations. Working at the global level, management analysts aid various companies to resolve issues relating to overall international business or data sets and insights directly influenced by international events or regulations. These may include issues related to corporate strategy, finance and informational technology. Other tasks include advising on how to lower costs, analyzing data for a company and consulting on new business strategy.

4. Economist

Economists evaluate economic issues and forecast global trends. They conduct surveys and analyze data throughout the world. They present this information in charts, reports and recommend global solutions. Economists work at the federal and state levels, and at many multinational companies. They help companies in analyzing how demand will be affected by changing regulations and global trends.

5. International marketing manager

International marketing managers align advertising strategies with the vision and mission of a company while promoting global marketing initiatives and goals. Global marketing managers are responsible for advertising and marketing for a company in global markets, which may also be specialized. For example, a large company may have a global campaign where iterations of a single campaign are present in multiple countries. Other companies may have targeted departments in each country that need to have a global consistency regarding corporate identity and messaging. International marketing managers have a wide range of duties, including managing budgets, contracts, marketing plans and teams. Most marketing managers will head either a program, project or specific team. They participate in the creation and execution of international marketing campaigns, customizing launches and iterations for different demographic segments. They ensure that the brand’s message is consistent across all digital and print media on a global scale. They may also conduct global market research to understand how to appeal to customers around the world.

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