Business administration salaries in the U.S.

Business administration salaries

You are analytical, have a knack for numbers, and always have a plan—even with friends. If this sounds like you, consider majoring in business administration. Whether you are interested in entering finance or doing marketing research, a degree in business administration helps jump-start your career.

Six of the top business administration jobs and their salaries:


Accountants manage a business’s finances and help create plans to improve financial well-being. By ensuring financial records are accurate and taxes are paid on time, they help businesses run smoothly and protect them from losses and legal trouble. Accountants also perform financial overviews to ensure money is spent efficiently. An accountant can either be internal or external. Most businesses have an on-site accountant to handle their financial management. Other accountants act as consultants or work for individuals as financial advisers.

Salary: Salaries range from $14,000-$99,000. The average base salary is $46,362.

Human resource manager

A skilled human resource (HR) team is vital to every business’s success. Human resource managers oversee the HR team and ensure the team carries out its tasks properly. They also act as a link between employees and an organization’s management. Their tasks range from strategic planning to recruiting new talent and hiring new employees. They also handle creating and enforcing a company’s policies—from dress code to attendance policies. And they handle grievances and maintain company morale, which is increasingly important to retaining top talent.

Salary: Salaries range from $14,000-130,000. The average base salary is $54,287.

Marketing executive

Marketing executives manage the marketing team and develop marketing strategies, like bolstering demand generation, increasing conversions (purchases, for example) or expanding brand awareness. This role involves analytical, commercial and creative responsibilities. Executives handle everything from developing plans to measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. They also work closely with other teams to create integrated campaigns, like product launches or business strategies. 

Salary: Salaries range from $15,000-$120,000. The average base salary is $54,870.

Market research analyst

Market research analysts use data and trends to help companies understand what products people want, the audience who will buy them and the appropriate price. They also leverage data and business insights to forecast sales throughout the year.  

Salary: Salaries range from $44,000-$60,000. The average base salary is $51,332.

Public relations specialist

Promoting a brand's image has become a key part of all companies’ marketing strategies. Public relations specialists act as liaisons between their companies and the public. They help companies maintain a positive image through press releases, social media and other avenues. Public relations specialists can also advise on executive communications and respond to crises. Their job is ultimately to protect the brand’s reputation.

Salary: In Florida, salaries range from $45,600-$97,000. The average base salary is $45,600.

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