5 marketing careers you should consider

marketing careers

Whether you love conducting research, creating innovative designs or giving presentations, there is something for you in the marketing world. In this constantly changing industry, adaptability and keeping up-to-date with new trends is key. Lynn University’s marketing program will teach you the best practices and newest trends in marketing.

Top 5 marketing careers

1. Marketing manager

Marketing managers develop marketing strategies, manage a marketing department or team, and are responsible for adhering to their marketing budget and goals. They are responsible for ensuring that the marketing plan for the business is optimized for the best results. They measure results for marketing campaigns and determine how to improve the marketing strategy. 

2. Brand manager

If you are passionate about researching markets and strategizing on how to attract customers for a specific brand, you would be a great brand manager. Brand managers work under the director, senior manager or vice president of marketing and focus on the image of the brand. Not only do brand managers handle market research, they also use trends to help brand products in a way that's appealing to consumers. 

3. Social media manager

Passionate about keeping up to date with the latest trends in social media? Social media managers create an enduring presence for their business on platforms that reach their target audience. They create brand awareness by developing social media strategies and decide what kind of content should be created for a company’s social media accounts. They facilitate web traffic by creating a content catalog, scheduling posts, engaging social media followers and responding to trends. 

4. Market research analysts

Have a knack for research and analyzing data? Market research analysts work on the statistics side of the advertising world. They collect and analyze internal data as well as external data on competitors, consumers and the marketplace. They use focus groups, interviews and surveys to learn about customer preferences. Then, they organize the data in reports and statistical tables to create a comprehensive picture to inform operations and strategies across departments. From this information, companies can better decide how to market their products and services. Most mid- to large-size companies will keep at least one marketing analyst on staff. Common employers for marketing research analysts include advertising firms, public relations services and technical consulting services.

5. Advertising sales representative

Advertising sales representatives sell advertising space or time to businesses in digital mediums, print magazines and periodicals, radio broadcasts and commercial slots in television or video. They work with identifying and reaching out to potential buyers and present information about the services they can offer. This includes an estimate for how much an ad campaign would cost and explaining publishing locations, time slots and run time for advertisements. They are also responsible for maintaining client relationships toward client satisfaction and renewal. Advertising sales representatives usually work for advertising firms, but some work internally for newspapers, hosting sites or platforms, and TV stations.

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With the Bachelor of Science in marketing program at Lynn University, you will learn about content marketing, website optimization, and product design and development. You will also learn trends in marketing and learn how to complete market research and analyze user behaviors. Build upon this knowledge with a masters or MBA in marketing.

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