Wold Performing Arts Center

Milk and Honey

Mar. 18, 4 p.m.

Much of Jerry Herman’s 1961 musical Milk and Honey is derived from Israeli folk music and dance. The story is unabashedly sentimental, extolling the virtues of life in Israel, and the zeal and hard work of those who have transformed the desert land into an oasis.

There is a touching romance between Ruth Stein, a youngish American widow, and Phil Arkin, a retired American businessman who is married, but long separated from his wife. Phil is visiting his daughter, who has married a young Israeli pioneer. The story also centers on a busload of lonely American widows hoping to find romance while vacationing in Israel during the nation’s early days of independence.

$5 discount for each ticket with the purchase of any 2017–2018 Live at Lynn or Conservatory of Music subscription. 


$70 box 
$55 orchestra 
$50 mezzanine


Jan McArt 

Exclusive production sponsor

Elaine Johnson Wold

Free event.

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Milk and Honey
Mar. 18, 4 p.m.
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Wold Performing Arts Center