ISM 320

Data Visulaization

Academic Year Semester Location Online
2018-2019 Fall, Spring Main campus No

Level: Undergraduate

Credits: 3

Lab Fee: None

Pre-requisites: ISM 301

This course introduces the practical concepts of graphic design related to data visualization and interactive design through short hands-on projects. With the advent of powerful data-mining technologies, engineers in all disciplines are increasingly, expected to be conscious of the interaction between massive quantities of information. This course is specifically designed with buisnes leaders mind, as it focuses on thier knowledge and provides a powerful tool to comunnicate ideas. Course topics include: cognitive load theory, communication design, and the identification of "chart junk", graphical integrity, and optimization of data-ink in multivariate data sets, infographics, vector graphics, and interactive data visualization using JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and GeoMapping. Students swill learn Tableau and PowerBI. Prerequisite: ISM 301