ESE 531

Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders and the Needs of Families

Academic Year Semester Location Online
2017-2018 Spring Main campus No

Level: Graduate

Credits: 3

Lab Fee: None

Pre-requisites: None

This course to meets the requirements for the endorsement competencies for the nature of autism spectrum disorders (including student characteristics, appropriate learning goals, teaching approaches, environmental arrangements) and the field-based experience requirement with students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). The course will provide participants with a framework for understanding the definition and history of autism (prevalence/incidence). The medical and educational knowledge of treatment efforts to promote the appropriate education strategies and services for students with ASD will be discussed. The course will also focus on the evidence-based instructional strategies and classroom organization along with social and communication needs of children with ASD and their families. A minimum of 10 hours of field experience required. This course is considered for ASD endorsement.