EDU 711

Problem-based Inquiry Seminar II Global Perspectives on Education Reform

Academic Year Semester Location Online
2017-2018 Fall Main campus No

Level: Doctorate

Credits: 3

Lab Fee: None

Pre-requisites: None

The second problem-based inquiry seminar is an introduction to the field of comparative education (educational philosophies, methods, patterns of control, financing, organization, and relationship within the larger society in selected countries of the world). A comprehensive social science methodology is utilized which examines historical, political, economic and social factors that serve as the foundation for educational systems of nations. The course enables students to identify strengths and limitations of international comparative research, and to learn about relevant studies and scholars dealing with methodological and conceptual issues of comparative education. A special emphasis is placed on policy borrowing and lending, and globalization studies. Through examination of cases, students are expected to learn multiple aspects of issues in educational change and to develop analytical and critical thinking.