CG 677

Thesis IV

Academic Year Semester Location Online
2018-2019 As needed Main campus No

Level: Graduate

Credits: 3

Lab Fee: None

Pre-requisites: CG 671, CG 672, CG 676

Thesis I, II, III & IV combined are the summation of graduate studies in computer animation. Thesis IV focuses on the final phases of thesis project building – advanced animation production and visual effects. Students must have successfully completed Thesis I, II AND IIII before taking this course or take it concurrently. This course covers various post-production issues including video/film editing, final product presentation, and thesis defense strategies. The class constitutes a resource rich support to students as they work their way through the final phases of thesis animation production, post-production editing, and composition. Individual meetings with the professor and class demonstrations of projects in progress ensure that every final product constitutes a state-of-the-art animation piece that reflects the student’s mastering of cutting- edge animation, editing, and composition techniques with Maya live, After Effects, AdobePremiere5, and other software. Students learn the optimal way to deliver and defend the final project in the professional arena. Students should complete the thesis project with the approval of the directing professor and must successfully pass faculty review at the course’s conclusion. The graduate committee members’ unanimous approval of the thesis project is also necessary for the completion of this course. Prerequisite: CG 671, 672 & 676 or Department Chair Approval. Note: CG 676 & CG 677 Thesis III & IV are delivered in two 7.5 week sessions within a 15 week semester. Each session is assigned 3 credits and a grade.