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Name Phone Department
Kline, Nancy +1 561-237-7513 College of Education
Knight, Melissa +1 561-237-7012 Institute for Achievement & Learning
Korte, Cassandra +1 561-237-7489 College of Arts and Sciences
Kranowitz, Jamie +1 561-237-7005 Dean of Students
Krift, Anna +1 561-237-7413 College of Arts and Sciences
Kuan, Sheng-Yuan +1 561-237-9016 Conservatory of Music
Kukuck, Lori +1 561-237-7250 Admission
Kuwik, Jaclyn +1 561-237-7155 Student Involvement
Lalli, Andrew +1 561-237-7051 Athletics
Lambertini, Eleonora +1 561-237-7761 Marketing and Communication
Landsman, Jeff +1 561-237-7411 Counseling Center
Lanigan, Stacy +1 561-237-7263 Hannifan Center for Career Connections
Lanteigne, Renee +1 561-237-7292 Employee Services
Law, Wayne +1 561-237-7623 College of Arts and Sciences
Lawrence, Jessica +1 561-237-7783 President
LeBlanc, Scott +1 561-237-9634 College of Communication and Design
Lecher, Alanna +1 561-237-7451 College of Arts and Sciences
Lee-Fatt, Anthony Campus Safety
Lehman, Melissa +1 561-237-7454 College of Arts and Sciences
Leigh, Robert +1 561-237-9632 Network Services
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We are Lynn

Fabio Goncalves
Fabio Goncalves, alumni
Lynn Bialakis and her family in Greece
Family vacation in Greece
Lynn Bialakis, staff member
Graduation time
I graduated last May with an MBA degree in concentration in Human Resources
Magalie Nsibula, student
Summer fun with Robert Reich
Summer fun in Boca
Dr. Bob Reich, faculty member
Leecy Barnett at the Scotish border on her  tour of England, Wales & Scotland.
At the Scottish border on my tour of England, Wales & Scotland.
Leecy Barnett, staff member
Dr. Bob back in the saddle
Back in the Saddle
Dr Bob, faculty member

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