Erika Doctor

Assistant Professor, Forensic Science

Office Location:

Assaf Academic Center

Room 107


Phone: +1 561-237-7614

Professional Profile

Erika Doctor studied chemistry with a focus in forensic science at Florida International University.  While earning her Ph.D., she developed a method for the analysis of antidepressants from urine, specifically benzodiazepines that are commonly used in drug facilitated sexual assault cases.  The method utilized surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy allowing for the rapid detection and identification of these drugs at low concentrations.  Doctor began her graduate work at Cedar Crest College, receiving a master's degree in forensic science.  Her research looked at characterizing the vibrations spectroscopic bands for various benzodiazepines using both infrared and Raman spectroscopy. 

Prior to graduate school, she earned her bachelor's degree in chemistry from Cedar Crest College.  Here too her work had a focus in forensic science.  She completed an internship at the Boston Police Department Crime Laboratory, performing a research project involving the characterization of dyed hairs through microscopic and analytical techniques. 


B.S., Cedar Crest College
M.S., Cedar Crest College
Ph.D., Florida International University

Teaching Philosophy

Doctor's teaching philosophy emphasizes student guided learning.  It is important to not only cover the topics that need to be taught, but allow students to ask the questions in order to guide them to that information. While many students struggle with science, relating the topic to something they may have experienced in their everyday lives allows them to see that science is important even if they do not want it to be a part of their future career. She makes herself available to students to help facilitate the learning process and give consistent feedback. 

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