Phone numbers
+1 561-237-7467 (general)
+1 561-237-7875 (gift records)

Office hours
Monday–Friday 9 a.m.–5 p.m.

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Ashleigh Fowles
Director of Major Gifts
Phone: +1 561-237-7890
Email: afowles@lynn.edu
Cheryl Bickley
Research Manager
Phone: +1 561-237-7818
Email: cbickley@lynn.edu
Desiree McKim
Production Coordinator
Phone: +1 561-237-7750
Email: dmckim@lynn.edu
Dora Barioli
Administrative Specialist
Phone: +1 561-237-7269
Email: tbarioli@lynn.edu
Elizabeth Miehle
Data Coordinator
Phone: +1 561-237-7070
Email: emiehle@lynn.edu
Gerry Bald
Manager of Gift Accounting
Phone: +1 561-237-7875
Email: gbald@lynn.edu
Gina Miller
Executive Assistant
Phone: +1 561-237-7769
Email: gmmiller@lynn.edu
Gregory Malfitano
Senior Vice President for Development and Administration
Phone: +1 561-237-7277
Email: gmalfitano@lynn.edu
Jan McArt
Director of Theatre Arts Program Development
Phone: +1 561-237-7338
Email: jmcart@lynn.edu
Jessica Burke
Administrative Assistant
Phone: +1 561-237-7748
Email: jburke@lynn.edu
John Gallo
Senior Major Gifts Officer
Phone: +1 561-237-7785
Email: jgallo@lynn.edu
Lisa Miller
Director of Annual Programs
Phone: +1 561-237-7745
Email: lmiller@lynn.edu
Sherry Henry
Associate Director of Annual Giving
Phone: +1 561-237-7467
Email: shenry@lynn.edu
Steven King
Major Gifts Officer
Phone: +1 561-237-7717
Email: sbking@lynn.edu