Phone number
+1 561-237-7279


Adam Milewski
Head Coach, Volleyball
Phone: +1 561-237-7229
Email: amilewski@lynn.edu
Alexander Slocum
Assistant Director of Athletic Communications
Phone: +1 561-237-7279
Email: aslocum@lynn.edu
Alexander Perez
Director of Athletics Marketing and Corporate Relations
Phone: +1 561-237-7918
Email: aperez@lynn.edu
Andrew Lalli
Assistant Athletic Trainer
Phone: +1 561-237-7051
Email: alalli@lynn.edu
Andy Walker
Head Coach - Men's Golf
Phone: +1 561-237-7415
Email: anwalker@lynn.edu
Anthony Desperito
Assistant Coach
Phone: +1 561-237-7103
Email: adesperito@lynn.edu
Brian Kingsbury
Head Coach, Men's Lacrosse
Phone: +1 561-237-7742
Email: bkingsbury@lynn.edu
Cally Morrill
Head Coach, Women's Soccer
Phone: +1 561-237-7626
Email: cmorrill@lynn.edu
Chad Beattie
Assistant Athletics Director for Communications
Phone: +1 561-237-7341
Email: cbeattie@lynn.edu
Christopher Piperno
Assistant coach, baseball
Phone: +1 561-237-7744
Email: cpiperno@lynn.edu
Christopher Wood
Director of Sports Performance
Phone: +1 561-237-7170
Email: cdwood@lynn.edu
Darin Yrigoyen
Assistant Director of Athletic Communications
Phone: +1 561-237-7344
Email: dyrigoyen@lynn.edu
Devin Crosby
Director of Athletics
Phone: +1 561-237-7213
Email: dcrosby@lynn.edu
Jason Sangha
Instructor/ Athletic Coordinator
Phone: +1 561-237-7019
Email: jsangha@lynn.edu
Jeff Price
Head Coach, Men's Basketball
Phone: +1 561-237-7053
Email: jsprice@lynn.edu
Jennifer Eick
Assistant Athletic Trainer
Phone: +1 561-237-7049
Email: jeick@lynn.edu
Jennifer Stearsman
Assistant Athletics Director for Compliance
Phone: +1 561-237-7724
Email: jstearsman@lynn.edu
Jillian Moore
Head Coach, Softball
Phone: +1 561-237-7223
Email: jmoore@lynn.edu
John Rootes
Head Coach, Men's Soccer
Phone: +1 561-237-7243
Email: jrootes@lynn.edu
Jon Lobbe
Associate Athletics Director
Phone: +1 561-237-7703
Email: jlobbe@lynn.edu
Julia Huddleston
Head Coach, Women's Basketball
Phone: +1 561-237-7282
Email: jhuddleston@lynn.edu
Kelsey Tomaszewski
Assistant Athletic Trainer
Phone: +1 561-237-7272
Email: ktomaszewski@lynn.edu
Kunta Norwood
Associate Head Coach Men's Basketball
Phone: +1 561-237-7052
Email: knorwood@lynn.edu
Lloyd Hamilton
Assistant Lacrosse Coach
Phone: +1 561-237-7740
Email: lmhamilton@lynn.edu
Logan Dan
Coordinator of Athletic Operations
Phone: +1 561-237-7679
Email: ldan@lynn.edu
Marcelo Huarte
Head Coach - Women's Golf
Phone: +1 561-237-7235
Email: mhuarte@lynn.edu
Michael Perez
Head Coach, Men's & Women's Tennis
Phone: +1 561-237-7241
Email: mperez@lynn.edu
Mindy Richmond
Head Women's Lacrosse Coach
Phone: +1 561-237-7920
Email: mirichmond@lynn.edu
Niki Alvarez
Head Coach, Women's Swimming
Phone: +1 561-237-7384
Email: nalvarez@lynn.edu
Roger Cooke
Assistant Cross Country and Track Coach
Phone: +1 561-237-7840
Email: rcooke@lynn.edu
Ronald Davis
Assistant Athletics Director for Administration
Phone: +1 561-237-7281
Email: rcdavis@lynn.edu
Rudy Garbalosa
Head Coach, Men's Baseball
Phone: +1 561-237-7242
Email: rgarbalosa@lynn.edu
Sarah Holton
Director of Sports Medicine
Phone: +1 561-237-7058
Email: sholton@lynn.edu
Stephan Walton
Assistant Coach, Women's Basketball
Phone: +1 561-237-7206
Email: swalton@lynn.edu