Tuition Exchange/Council of Independent Colleges Tuition Exchange Programs

Who is eligible for a Tuition Exchange (TE) or Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) Scholarship to attend Lynn University?

You are eligible for a TE or CIC scholarship if you have a parent who is employed at a Tuition Exchange institution (referred to as the host institution) and that institution certifies your eligibility for TE or CIC consideration. The TE or CIC liaison officer at the host institution must send the TE or CIC Certification Form to Lynn University.

How many TE or CIC slots are available each year at Lynn University?

Lynn University will award up to 20 slots each year.

How is the TE or CIC determined?

TE or CIC awards are based on academic records as evidenced by the admission application materials.

When should I apply for the TE or CIC?

You should apply no later than Jan. 15. This means you must complete and send the admission application by the deadline, and the TE or CIC liaison officer needs to send the TE Certification Form to Lynn University by the deadline. Late applications will be accepted on a space-available basis.

When will I know if I am awarded a TE or CIC scholarship?

All TE or CIC notifications are mailed by the end of March. The notification will indicate either the TE or CIC amount that is awarded, or that the name was placed on the TE or CIC waiting list, or that TE or CIC is not being awarded. Sometimes students placed on the TE or CIC waiting list will receive a TE or CIC scholarship and be notified before the May 1 enrollment deposit date.

What is the value of a TE or CIC scholarship?

For 2015-16, the Lynn University TE or CIC is worth $33,450. The TE or CIC award may be reduced if you receive other scholarships or grants that have to be applied specifically toward tuition expenses.

Can a TE or CIC student apply for additional financial aid through Lynn University?

Students may apply for federal or state programs to help defray additional costs such as fees and room and board costs. Institutional grants are not available to TE or CIC recipients.

Are there any special conditions attached to a TE or CIC scholarship?

Once a student is provided the TE or CIC scholarship, Lynn University will continue it to a maximum of eight consecutive semesters as long as the student meets standards of academic performance and personal conduct and is certified eligible by his or her host institution. A Lynn University TE or CIC scholarship can be used only for payment toward a Lynn University on-campus undergraduate degree program that carries the Lynn University day full-time tuition charge (up to 16 credits each semester).

If I am unable to receive a TE or CIC scholarship as a freshman, can I reapply as an upperclassman for a TE or CIC scholarship?

Yes, you may reapply.

Who administers Lynn University's TE or CIC program?

The executive director of Student Financial Services acts as Lynn University's Tuition Exchange liaison officer responsible for the administration of the program on a daily basis.

Is there anything else I should know about TE or CIC?

It is a good idea to apply for financial aid at the same time the admission application is filed in case a TE or CIC is not offered. If you wait to find out if a TE or CIC is offered before applying for aid, it will be too late to apply for and receive Lynn University grant aid. All Lynn University grant assistance is awarded on the basis of financial need. There are four merit programs that can be determined by the admissions committee.

Where can I get more information about TE or CIC?

Contact the TE or CIC liaison officer at the host institution (where your parent is employed) or visit or for general information and a current list of participating institutions. If you have more questions about Lynn's TE or CIC program, contact Student Financial Services.

Need-based aid: No

Award Amount

Full tuition


All undergraduate students

Enrollment Requirements

You must be enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student, and you must have a parent who is employed by a participating CIC member school.

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