The Preparatory School of Music is a division of Lynn’s world-renowned Conservatory of Music, which offers the highest quality music instruction to young people and adults who are interested in making music an essential part of their lives.

Students in this program will study alongside the conservatory’s acclaimed artist faculty and young artists currently pursuing performance degrees in the Conservatory of Music.

What are you interested in?


Piano is the easiest and most accessible instrument for young students to start learning music. They must be at least five years old to register. Lessons can be in groups or private with a teaching assistant.

For intermediate or advanced piano students, an audition must be scheduled to find the best teacher for the student's level of proficiency.


String instrument lessons are best started at seven years of age when the hands are more developed and the fingers are stronger.

Wind instruments

Wind instrument lessons can be started at eight years of age, since the hands need to be large enough to properly manipulate the instruments.

Classical guitar

The classical guitar is a concert instrument played with the fingers and requires music reading. A classical guitar with nylon strings is necessary.

Popular guitar

Popular guitar is normally played using a plectrum or pick and does not require music reading, but it does require the knowledge of chords. The guitar can have steel or nylon strings.

Vocal lessons

Due to normal voice changes vocal technique work cannot properly be done until a student is 11 or 12 years of age. At 11 years of age, we can schedule an audition to assess the student's readiness to start lessons.

Olivia Oakland
It is amazing what desire and quality instruction can produce. Three years ago, my daughter was introduced to the oboe. Today she is playing exceptionally, at high school level.
Nancy Oakland, mother of Olivia Oakland (oboe)

Class schedule

Fall 2018
Sept. 10–Dec.16

  • Dec. 8, at 10 a.m.: final recital
  • Dec. 15, at 9 a.m.: final recital


12 weeks
30 minutes
40 minutes$660$770
60 minutes$900$1050
Teaching assistants
30 minutes
40 minutes$420$490
60 minutes$540$630
Piano group lessons
60 minutes$240
Application fee$10$10

One lesson per week.


Alex Darqui
piano (classical and jazz)

Carol Cole

David Cole

Felicia Besan

Lisa Leonard

Manuel Capote

Maria Heslop Ward

Matthew Asselta
classical guitar

Roberta Rust

Sheng-Yuan Kuan

Terence Kirchgessner


Our young students have won prizes in some of the world’s most prestigious competitions and have been accepted to prestigious programs, including:


  • Tanglewood Young Pianists Program
  • Florida State Music Teachers Association Concerto Competition
  • Florida Federation of Music Clubs Festival Competition
  • Florida Federation of Music Clubs Junior Convention State Final
  • Florida Pathfinder Music Competition

Undergraduate programs

  • Cleveland Institute
  • Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester
  • Florida State
  • McGill University
  • University of Miami
  • University of Michigan

Ready to get started?

Contact Luisa Sanchez de Fuentes at or +1 561-237-9013.