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Social Entrepreneurship

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Be a trailblazer and changemaker

Are you passionate about solving a specific social, environmental or economic challenge? Then the social entrepreneurship program is perfect for you. Whether you plan on creating a for-profit company, a nonprofit organization, or a hybrid of the two, this program is built to support builders and creators. Here, you will gain the skills necessary to be the next generation of changemakers. The social entrepreneurship program was created through an academic collaboration between Watson Institute, an idea incubator, and Lynn.

What you'll learn in the social entrepreneurship program

  • Leadership and growth
  • Business analytics and economics
  • Business strategy and project management

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iPad-powered learning

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Robert Watson takes his class on a field trip.
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Social entrepreneurship curriculum

In the social entrepreneurship program, you will gain the skills necessary to advance your ventures, maximize your positive impact in the world and trailblaze your path for future social impact. Since this program is offered in partnership with Watson University, you will have the flexibility to take the course in both Boca Raton, Florida, and Boulder, Colorado. Each semester is an intensive program in which you will receive weekly mentorship and coaching sessions, training in the hard skills and frameworks to take your ideas to the next level and a community of peers that will last far beyond Watson.

Course preview

WSE 101 Foundation
This program provides a foundation in 15 foundational hard skills necessary for starting a social enterprise: decision making with limited data, website design, strategic planning, time and goal management, market analysis and segmentation, turning ideas into opportunities, pivoting a venture, stages of venture evolution, verbal and written critical communications, networking and building alliances, founders agreement, personal soft-skills, evaluating your strengths and limitations, time and goal management, self-directed learning.

WSE 195 Practicum
This program provides a facilitated workshop space during which students are held accountable to semester, weekly and daily goals toward the development of their social enterprise. In addition to facilitated time focused on setting and achieving relevant goals, students form teams to work through specific challenges faced by their peers. Finally, students will go through intensive mentorship and individual meetings with both their faculty/coach and team of mentors.

Social entrepreneurship jobs

Students of the social entrepreneurship program have gone on to work with companies in the nonprofit, government and education industries. Here's a few companies where alumni have jobs or internships:

  • Frontier Innovators
  • VRVIU (Virtual Reality Media Company)
  • Crunchters
  • The Rees-Jones Foundation
  • Avazz
  • Amref Health Africa UK
  • New York Fire Department intergovernmental liaison
  • Americorps
  • Yale School of Public Health
  • University of Illinois Social Innovation Center
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Two week adventure through Andalucía, south of Spain, Morocco, Gibraltar and beyond!
Two week adventure through Andalucía, south of Spain, Morocco, Gibraltar and beyond!
Ana María Paula Siliquini , staff member
Ana Siliquini in Madrid
La Puerta de Alcalá, Madrid España!
Ana María Paula Siliquini , staff member
Felicia Besan at the Aspen Music Festival with Conservatory students Kayla Williams and Niki Khabazvahed
At the Aspen Music Festival with Conservatory students Kayla Williams and Niki Khabazvahed
Felicia Besan, staff member
Felicia Besan traveling with Lynn blue bear
Traveling Lynn blue bear
Felicia Besan, staff member
Felcia Besan at Independence Pass view (Colorado)
Independence Pass view (Colorado)
Felicia Besan, staff member
Faith Thomas, Xiara Del Valle, & Erina McWilliam-Lopez from the Social Impact Lab.
Faith Thomas, Xiara Del Valle, & Erina McWilliam-Lopez from the Social Impact Lab visiting a Rwandan social enterprise
Erina McWilliam-Lopez, staff member

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