Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Quick Information Sheet – Effective Fall 2016

For a more detailed description of the graduate program and its course requirements, please refer to the Lynn University Academic Catalog.

  1. The new Master’s in clinical mental health counseling program began in fall 2016.
  2. The counseling program is a program within the College of Arts and Sciences.
  3. The Master’s in clinical mental health counseling is a part of the Lynn University graduate degree offerings.
  4. Students enrolled in the Master’s in clinical mental health counseling can earn their 60-credit degree within two years of coursework taken year round during the fall, spring and summer semesters.
  5. The counseling program and its faculty have primary responsibility for the preparation of the students in the program.
  6. Admission to the program is for the fall semester only.
  7. Admission to the program is competitive and requires an interview with the counseling program admissions committee to determine eligibility.
  8. Students will be evaluated and admitted based upon:
    1. Relevance for career goals
    2. Aptitude for graduate-level study 
    3. Potential success in forming effective counseling relationships 
    4. Respect for cultural differences 
    5. Prior academic performance
  9. The program is academically rigorous and follows state and national standards.
  10. The counseling program makes continuous and systematic efforts to attract and enroll a diverse body of students.
  11. The program provides various opportunities to meet student needs and to foster an environment of inclusivity through faculty-student research projects, scholarly endeavors in the field of counseling, attaining sites with varying specializations, and mindful admissions decisions.
  12. Students accepted to the graduate program in clinical mental health counseling have the opportunity to apply for graduate assistantships within the department and throughout the University.
  13. Students are able to interview and select sites that fit their professional interests.
  14. During the second year of the program, students enroll in three full semesters of field work experience at which time they have the opportunity to train as counselors in community mental health agencies.
  15. Students will work in practicum and internship experiences totaling 1,000 hours of fieldwork.
  16. Students will engage in individual and group counseling training and be provided with more than three hours a week of individual and group supervision.
  17. The program academically prepares students for licensure as a mental health counselor in the state of Florida.
  18. Students have the opportunity to sit for the certification exam to become a nationally certified counselor through the National Board of certified counselors (NBCC).
  19. Students have the opportunity to sit for the certification exam to become a certified clinical mental health counselor through the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC).
  20. Internship opportunities can include working in a community mental health agency, substance abuse treatment center, eating disorders in-patient facility, schools, facilities, crisis intervention centers and hospitals.
  21. Students enrolled in the Master’s in clinical mental health counseling are provided with a counseling faculty mentor and an academic advisor. Mentors, advisors, and students have direct access to the Chair of the Graduate Program and the Practicum and Internship Coordinator.
  22. The majority of courses are taught by the core faculty for the program.
  23. The core faculty for the program have doctorate degrees in counseling and counselor education and have extensive clinical experience.
  24. Students are taught primarily by core counseling faculty with the  assistance  of  affiliated faculty in their areas of expertise—these have included: research, individual assessment, neuroscience, experimental psychology, developmental psychology, cognitive psychology, clinical psychology, social psychology, personality psychology, school counseling and marriage and family counseling.
  25. The program and faculty support the scientist-practitioner model for the field and offer research opportunities to students in the field of counseling.
  26. Faculty involved in the counseling program are provided with regular professional development opportunities both on and off campus. Faculty members are encouraged and supported to attend the American Counseling Association annual conference plus additional conferences and trainings in their specializations.
  27. The counseling program’s faculty and students have a multitude of teaching and learning resources at their disposal specific to the field of counseling and the related specialties.
  28. As is true of Lynn University, the counseling program in clinical mental health counseling employs cutting edge technology for training and learning purposes. Students are provided iPads and use iTunes U for their learning platform.
  29. The administration at Lynn University is committed to the continuity, quality and effectiveness of the program’s ability to train future clinicians as clinical mental health counselors.
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