Howard Isaacson Innovation Challenge

Step up to the plate and pitch your business venture to a panel of judges for a chance to win cash prizes.

The competition

The competition—run by Brian Sommer, assistant professor of management—gives Lynn students, faculty and staff the opportunity to take their idea for a new product or business, research that idea, and develop a pitch to introduce it to investors and the marketplace. The competition was the brainchild of alumnus Jeremy Office ’11.

Brian Sommer speaks in front of Howard Isaacson Challenge attendees.

“The program is a cornerstone for entrepreneurship in the College of Business and Management.”

Brian Sommer, professor

2016 challenge winners

  • First place: Stephany Lopez Da Silva, MBA student Company: All Shapes and Colors, a specialized brand for same-sex parents and their children. The products include: T-shirts, bodysuits, bibs, baby albums, children books, a surrogacy book and stickers.
  • Runner-up: Majed Charife, MBA student Company: Hire Squire, a website and concierge service for international students looking to study in the United States.
  • Third place: Samantha Haag, entrepreneurship major Company: Nerdvana, a nerd-themed restaurant/social event.

Chad Barr smiles for camera.

“My successes and failures in these ventures have allowed me to bring a more balanced point of view to the classroom."

Chad Barr, 2015 winner
Innovative Business Center
Innovative Business Center

Teaching more than 1,000 students from more than 70 nations, the College of Business and Management is the largest—and most international—college at Lynn University. 

The College of Business and Management is so large (more than 1,000 students)—and so international (students from nearly 100 countries)—it warranted having its own brand new building: The Mohammed Indimi International Business Center was dedicated in 2014. 

The Indimi Center includes lots of space for ingenuity, with incredible options for hands-on, technology-based learning. The center is outfitted with technology systems to enhance the students’ educational environment, with 11 classrooms and a wealth of other areas including:

  • A Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI), developing skills in the creation and development of new companies
  • The Venture Lab, a branch of the CEI, which will transform students’ start-up concepts into ready-to-launch businesses
  • An Investment and Trading Room, providing access to the same resources and technology that students will use in their business careers
  • Beyond the Classroom, a space for students to enjoy hands-on learning and work on campus with outside companies
  • A new Career Preparation and Internship Center

In addition, more than 15 other new spaces provide conference and meeting areas for collaboration between students, faculty and outside corporations. In keeping with Lynn's sustainability initiative, which is the largest of its kind in the state, Lynn is pursuing LEED Platinum certification—the highest level of certification awarded by the United States Green Building Coalition. The building's green design features will:

  • Take advantage of natural sunlight as a lighting source, decreasing the need for artificial lighting
  • Harvest rainwater, reducing the use of ground water
  • Offer two recycling stations for trash disposal
Students cross the river in Amani Institute.
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Lynn Speech and Debate Teams' Will Conway and Ciara McKaskill won the "Best Novice Team" at the Bill Todd Invitational!
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Repping Lynn at my High School!
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Fun time at the Disney trip and I had so much fun with Charlotte Hansen, Luis Neimand and Grayson Hetchner
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I have successfully finished my MBA in marketing in one year and this picture displays how happy I am!
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Honors Convocation Fall 2016
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