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Healthcare Management

Master of Business Administration

Where science meets business

The healthcare management degree program provides you with the understanding of industry-specific issues and challenges. Here, you will expand your knowledge of the health care industry and enhance your skills in order to transition to leadership and managerial roles in health care. And, as a complement to your studies, you will take specialized business courses in leadership, accounting, finance, marketing, operations and strategy. 

What you'll learn in the healthcare management program

  • Leadership and business courses
  • Advanced knowledge of the U.S. health care system 
  • Accounting, finance, marketing, operations and strategy

Curriculum & requirements

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Career opportunities

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Healthcare management curriculum 

The healthcare management degree program is a multidisciplinary of medical science and business fields. In this program, you will not only enhance your knowledge of the health care industry, but you will also study business administration in leadership, accounting, finance, marketing, operations and strategy. All of these courses complement the specialized courses to prepare you for administrative, supervisory roles in managing hospitals, clinics, physician’s offices, nursing homes and other health facilities. 

Course preview 

MBA 681 Healthcare Industry
In this course the complexity of the U.S. health care industry with thousands of hospitals, doctor offices, clinics, nursing homes, specialized care facilities, and major manufacturing corporations are discussed. 

MBA 682 Healthcare Administration Placement in the curriculum: MBA Specialization Course
This course examines the health and human services organizations and the management and organizational theories relevant to effective administration of health care institutions. The real cases related to the management of different health care organizations are discussed to prepare students for effective administration of diverse and dynamic health care industry.

MBA 683 – Managed Care & Health Insurances 
This course analyzes the private and public health insurance plans, benefits and regulations. The managed care and public plans such as Medicaid, Medicare and affordable care are discussed. Private and public sector health insurance, both as provided by employers and government agencies such as Medicaid and Medicare are examined.

Healthcare management careers

As a student of the healthcare management degree program, you are setting yourself up for a variety of managerial careers in the health care industry, including:

  • Health and social service manager 
  • Medical records manager 
  • Office manager
  • Practice administrator
  • Clinic manager
  • Department or division manager/supervisor
  • Facility manager
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Over 90 students and employees attended this year's Arts and Science Student Symposium
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