Dr. Watson, professor of environmental studies, takes students to a nature preserve.

Environmental Studies

Bachelor of Science

Explore the earth

As an environmental studies major, you’ll explore human-environment interactions across continents and cultures. By combining the natural sciences of ecology, environmental health and statistics with the social sciences of policy, ethics and conservation.   

In this bachelor’s in environmental studies program, you'll learn the history of how humans have modified the planet and help design sustainable initiatives to guide the future of human influence on the environment. You'll also become an active participant in environmentally-themed initiatives—locally and abroad—and develop your own solutions to current problems pertaining to wildlife, conservation, environmental health, ecology and marine science. 

What you'll learn in the environmental studies program

  • Terrestrial and aquatic organisms and how they’ve adapted to human impact 

  • Ways humans have affected the environment and what the future holds 
  • Global human culture and how different populations have interacted with their environments 

Curriculum & requirements

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Career opportunities

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iPad-powered learning

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Robert Watson takes his class on a field trip.
Beyond the classroom

Step outside the classroom and enjoy hands-on learning opportunities and real-world experiences.

Students help out on the Day of Caring.

Learning is more than sitting in a classroom 

Complete one three-week J-Term course and explore innovative ideas, topics and experiential learning. 

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Environmental studies curriculum

With in-depth topics and excellent faculty, the environmental studies program provides an extensive understanding of human-environment interactions. And with nearly one in four students coming from abroad, Lynn offers a truly global perspective on environmental studies.

Course preview

ENV 130 Human Environment Interactions
Explore the fundamentals of environmental science, anthropology, economics and cultural ecology as they relate to the interface between humans and their environment. Examine case studies, environmental issues in a variety of geographic contexts (i.e. developed and developing countries) and the connections between environmental problems in different locations.

ENV 330 Wildlife Conservation
Analyze both successful and unsuccessful conservation strategies in local, regional and global contexts, and appraise current initiatives to predict the success or failure of these projects. Research and evaluate a predicament presently facing an animal species and create a conservation strategy to confront the problem. 

ENV 368 Physical Anthropology
Study the human species and primate order in the biological context. Learn human evolution, genetics, human variation, neural mechanisms and cognition, the biological basis of behavior, a nonhuman primate survey, non-human primate behavior and functional morphology. Gain a deep understanding of the human species place in the natural world.

Graduates must complete a total of 120 credits.

Environmental studies jobs and careers

After earning your undergraduate degree in environmental studies, you can pursue a broad range of environmental studies jobs including: 

  • Environmental lobbyist
  • Researcher
  • Environmental issues reporter
  • Environmental politician
  • Park ranger
  • Climate activist
  • Fish and game warden
  • Conservation planner

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