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Study the many facets of running and managing a business as an entrepreneurship major. Turn your idea into a business venture with an entrepreneurship degree from Lynn University.  In this program, you’ll learn how to manage a business from professors who are entrepreneurs themselves. Plus, get hands-on learning by working within an actual company. With an entrepreneurship degree, you can run your own business or manage a larger company.

Internships are awarded to every entrepreneurship student. So by the time you’ve earned your degree, you’ll be ready to start your own business or bring valuable business skills to a larger corporation.

What you’ll learn in the entrepreneurship management program

  • Management, finance, business strategy and marketing 
  • Raising capital, valuing your business and negotiation 
  • Marketing campaign creation, mergers and acquisitions

Curriculum & requirements

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Career opportunities

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Estimated annual tuition

“Studying abroad in Dublin was probably the best month of my life. I’m really excited to go back.”

William Sheppard, entrepreneurship major
iPad-powered learning
iPad-powered learning

Embrace new ideas and experience technologies that make learning more dynamic than you ever imagined.


Learning doesn’t get more innovative than this. 

At Lynn University, we embrace technology by encouraging our students to engage with course content through iPads, and our professors can develop custom course materials. 

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Robert Watson takes his class on a field trip.
Beyond the classroom

Step outside the classroom and enjoy hands-on learning opportunities and real-world experiences.

Students help out on the Day of Caring.

Learning is more than sitting in a classroom 

Complete one three-week J-Term course and explore innovative ideas, topics and experiential learning. 

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Entrepreneurship curriculum

As an entrepreneurship major, you will study both core curriculum classes and entrepreneurship classes. That means you can learn the topics you are most interested in beginning in your first year. 

Graduates must complete a total of 120 credits in the following categories:  

  • 45 university core curriculum credits
  • 36 college core credits
  • 15 major credits
  • 24 elective credits 

Course preview

BUS 210 Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Get practical tools to assess today’s economy and business climate for opportunities to invent, launch and manage a successful entrepreneurial business enterprise that also aligns with unique talents, strengths and passions.

BUS 308 Corporate Entrepreneurship
Explore the emerging practice of corporate entrepreneurship, also called intrapreneurship. Look at companies that successfully practice intrapreneurship; relate intrapreneurship to other functions such as corporate venturing, new product development, research and development, and career development; and provide an intrapreneurial toolset. 

BUS 458 Entrepreneurship in Practice 
Study accepted explanations of entrepreneurial success, contrast them with cases from current business experiences, and provide a framework in which students can expand their understanding of risks, rewards, and the theory and practice of developing, introducing, and leading innovative practices.

Entrepreneurship degree careers

Your new degree will give you access to many careers and opportunities, including:  

  • Business consultant 
  • eCommerce entrepreneur/specialist 
  • Business analyst 
  • Venture capital associate 
  • Corporate entrepreneur 
  • Family business manager
  • Mid- to large-size business manager/supervisor 

You may also choose to continue your career as a student and pursue an MBA in entrepreneurial management or another area of business. Career opportunities with an MBA include:  

  • Upper-level management 
  • Consultant 
  • Research and development 
  • Executive recruiter
  • Management analyst 
  • Business owner 
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