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Earn your bachelor’s degree in elementary education at Lynn University and start a successful career as an elementary school teacher, childcare provider or mentor for children in kindergarten through the sixth grade. In this elementary education program, you’ll gain a solid foundation for teaching in a classroom setting from professors who are experts in the field. You’ll also complete a semester-long internship, where you will have the chance to manage a classroom, create lesson plans and instruct students.

You may also choose to complete a specialization in early childhood education and learn how to teach children ages three through the third grade. Specializations do not add any time to your four-year plan.

What you’ll learn in the elementary education degree program

  • Teaching skills and classroom management
  • Lesson plan creation
  • Student instruction and authority skills

Curriculum & requirements

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Career opportunities

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“I chose elementary education because I want to be the foundation of someone’s learning. I’m adopted, and I had a lot help when I was in elementary school. Without that foundation I don’t think I’d be where I’m at today.”

Gwendolyn Conneally, elementary education major
iPad-powered learning
iPad-powered learning

Embrace new ideas and experience technologies that make learning more dynamic than you ever imagined.


Learning doesn’t get more innovative than this. 

At Lynn University, we embrace technology by encouraging our students to engage with course content through iPads, and our professors can develop custom course materials. 

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Robert Watson takes his class on a field trip.
Beyond the classroom

Step outside the classroom and enjoy hands-on learning opportunities and real-world experiences.

Students help out on the Day of Caring.

Learning is more than sitting in a classroom 

Complete one three-week J-Term course and explore innovative ideas, topics and experiential learning. 

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Elementary education curriculum

In the elementary education program, you will research topics in child development, literacy and classroom management. You will complete a clinical internship and gain valuable hands-on learning experiences to help you in your future career. 

Graduates must complete a total of 120 credits in the following categories:

  • 42 university core curriculum credits
  • 69 major credits
  • 9 elective credits

Course preview

EDU 215 Children’s Literature
Examine a variety of children’s books and make knowledgeable decisions in the selection and use of the books as a result of studying, discussing and using children’s literature in and outside the classroom setting. Learn how to integrate literature throughout the curriculum and how to collect an extensive selection of children’s literature for use in your future classrooms.

EDU 315 Literacy in the Primary Grades
Learn balanced approaches, methods and materials appropriate to teaching young students to read. Focus on emergent literacy, sequential development of skills, perceptual development, word attack skills, vocabulary, comprehension and oral language development.

EDU 415 Managing the Classroom
Learn the skills and competencies needed to improve instruction and learning through good classroom management by establishing a learning environment and instructional program that is well-organized and efficient.

You may also elect to substitute your electives and take specialization courses in early childhood education Pre-K/Primary to teach children, ages three through the third grade. The specialization course requires 15 credits and includes topics, such as creative activities, preprimary language arts, preprimary math and science.

Elementary education careers

Although many graduates of the bachelor’s program go on to become an elementary school teacher for kindergarten through the sixth grades, there are other careers that you can pursue with this degree, such as:

  • Childcare provider
  • Resource teacher
  • Clinical education mentor (after three years of teaching)
  • GED teacher
  • Librarian
  • Textbook sales representative

You may also choose to continue your education with the M.Ed. in educational leadership program. After graduation from this program, you can then pursue a career in one of the following:

  • Principal/vice principal
  • District administrator
  • Curriculum specialist
  • Director or supervisor
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