Students learn web design in the Wyncode Academy program.

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Design Strategies for Web Development

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Earn your master’s degree in communication and media while learning how to become a successful web designer and coder. In the M.S. in Web Design Strategies program, digital media and communication aspects are combined with Wyncode’s immersive web development program.

The combination of the two programs are designed to develop successful coders and designers with business acumen. In the Wyncode Academy, you’ll be immersed in a demanding learning environment by beginning each class with an instructor-led session followed by practical project-based work, as well as business development and individual mentoring sessions. By completion of the program, you’ll know how to build a full-stack web application.

What you’ll learn in the web design strategies program

  • Digital media and communication 
  • JavaScript and HTML 
  • Ruby on Rails style of coding

Curriculum & requirements

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Career opportunities

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Estimated tuition per credit


Cost of the 9-week Wyncode program is $10,000 

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iPad-powered learning
iPad-powered learning

Embrace new ideas and experience technologies that make learning more dynamic than you ever imagined.


Learning doesn’t get more innovative than this. 

At Lynn University, we embrace technology by encouraging our students to engage with course content through iPads, and our professors can develop custom course materials. 

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Robert Watson takes his class on a field trip.
Beyond the classroom

Step outside the classroom and enjoy hands-on learning opportunities and real-world experiences.

Students help out on the Day of Caring.

Learning is more than sitting in a classroom 

Complete one three-week J-Term course and explore innovative ideas, topics and experiential learning. 

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Web design strategies curriculum

In this M.S. program, you will take Lynn’s general education graduate courses and Wyncode's 9-week, full-time, immersive program in Wynwood, a thriving industrial art neighborhood near downtown Miami. In the Wyncode courses, you will be surrounded by like-minded peers and inspired during weekly activities outside the classroom.

Course preview

GVC 530 Aesthetics of Digital Photography 

Providing an examination of photographic aesthetics, illustrative tenets, professional practices, photojournalism and the potential of visual  storytelling, this course is a study of contemporary issues in digital photography. Study sophisticated digital image manipulation, digital camera use, studio and natural lighting and visual interpretation. Aesthetic theories are examined and applied to the photographic process.

GVC 570 Digital Storytelling

Tracking a fictitious or documentary digital production from the stages of preproduction through post-production editing, this course constitutes a thorough examination of the history, role and working practice of documentary, narrative or abstract digital filmmaking. By preparing scripts and filming and editing footage, you'll study and practice storytelling techniques derived from visual theory. Individual or collaborative projects illustrate the impact of digital filmmaking on storytelling.

GVC 575 Imagemaking as Expression
Examine the theory and practice of graphic design to create visual imagery as a form of expression. Students study aesthetics, formal elements, and stylization as applied to an array of media, whether digital, traditional or hybrid. Whether in two or three dimensions, emphasis is placed on digital design, although the use of conventional conceptual approaches and media is also encouraged. The expressivity of image making is explored through individual or collaborative projects spanning media, styles and subject matter.

Graduates must obtain a total of 37 credits.

Web design strategies jobs and careers

This master’s degree program is beneficial for students preparing to work in the following positions: 

  • Web designer 
  • Web developer 
  • Computer programmer 
  • Website project manager   

Lynn also offers an MBA in Web Development Management through the Wyncode Academy. 

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Two week adventure through Andalucía, south of Spain, Morocco, Gibraltar and beyond!
Two week adventure through Andalucía, south of Spain, Morocco, Gibraltar and beyond!
Ana María Paula Siliquini , staff member
Ana Siliquini in Madrid
La Puerta de Alcalá, Madrid España!
Ana María Paula Siliquini , staff member
Felicia Besan at the Aspen Music Festival with Conservatory students Kayla Williams and Niki Khabazvahed
At the Aspen Music Festival with Conservatory students Kayla Williams and Niki Khabazvahed
Felicia Besan, staff member
Felicia Besan traveling with Lynn blue bear
Traveling Lynn blue bear
Felicia Besan, staff member
Felcia Besan at Independence Pass view (Colorado)
Independence Pass view (Colorado)
Felicia Besan, staff member
Faith Thomas, Xiara Del Valle, & Erina McWilliam-Lopez from the Social Impact Lab.
Faith Thomas, Xiara Del Valle, & Erina McWilliam-Lopez from the Social Impact Lab visiting a Rwandan social enterprise
Erina McWilliam-Lopez, staff member

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