Undergraduate Day Semester students can enroll each semester in a minimum of 9-credit hours to a maximum of 16 credit hours. 2018-2019 Academic Catalog 36 There is a charge for the additional credit hours (overload) at a tuition rate of $1,040 per credit hour. Approval from the Vice President for Academic Affairs is required for more than 18 credits for the semester.

Students requesting a special exception to enroll in the Day Division for less than 12 credit hours must file a part-time approval form in the Student Financial Services Office. A student enrolling in day terms and online accelerated terms simultaneously will be assessed the full-time daytime rate if the combination of credit hours add up to 9-16 undergraduate credit hours. Graduate level courses are assessed additional costs and are above the undergraduate costs. Graduate credit hours cannot be combined with the undergraduate hours for billing purposes. The full-time tuition rate is $17,980 per semester.