Withdrawals from the online and the graduate division programs or classes must be accomplished through the Office of the Registrar and are only permitted through the sixth (6th) week of a 7 week term or the seventh (7th) week of an 8 week term. It is the student’s responsibility to submit a Course Withdrawal Form. THERE IS NO REFUND AFTER THE FIRST WEEK OF THE TERM When a withdrawing student has been awarded financial aid and the student withdraws prior to completing 60 percent of the term, and if Title IV financial aid has been used to pay all or any portion of the charges, the financial aid program funds will be reimbursed to the appropriate agency in accordance with a formula required by federal regulations. Unearned Title IV funds will be returned to the Title IV programs based on the number of days not attended. The order of refunds will be: Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan, Federal Direct Subsidized Loan, Federal Direct PLUS Loan, Federal Pell Grant, Federal SEOG and other Title IV aid programs. Students enrolled in only three credits each in the iLynn or graduate terms will have a Title IV calculation computed on two terms. If a student withdraws prior to 60 percent of the term, all Lynn University grants and scholarship funds will be prorated to the university accounts. This policy may result in a financial obligation that is payable to the university at the time of a student’s withdrawal.

Online and Graduate Division Enrollment Requirements for Financial Aid

For undergraduate and graduate degrees, a minimum of three credits hours is required in a given term; however, the student must register for two consecutive terms. A student must stay enrolled in at least three credits each consecutive term thereafter to maintain inschool status for the loan programs. Maintaining in-school status refers to not going into repayment. It does not indicate that a student can be enrolled in three-credit courses and be eligible for a loan. For the Florida Programs (Florida Effective Access to Student Education Grant), credit hour requirements are as follows:

Spring IJanuary–March (eight weeks)6 credits
Spring II March–April (seven weeks)6 credits
Fall I August–October (eight weeks)6 credits
Fall IIOctober–December (seven weeks)6 credits

Scholarships also are available for online undergraduate students. Applications are available in the Office of Student Financial Services.