Course Audit Fee

The audit fee per course is $750. A full time day undergraduate student will not be charged for auditing a course. Students not enrolled on a full-time basis will be charged an audit fee.

Laboratory Fees

Laboratory fees are charged for the use of computer labs and certain other lab courses and texts or supplies as listed in course descriptions and semester/term class schedules. Required field trips also are included. Fees per lab range from $30 to $750.

Mailbox Key Fee

A mailbox key is assigned to all mailboxes available in the university mailroom. If the mailbox key is not returned to the mailroom, each year at time of departure, a $70 mailbox key replacement fee will be applied to the student account.

Apple iPad Tablet Fee Schedule

If applicable, the following charges may be applied to the student account as part of the iPad tablet program:

  • iPad Pro Warranty Repair: $50
  • iPad Pro Damage (1st & 2nd): $50
  • iPad Pro Damage (3rd or higher): $1,300
  • Lost iPad Pro (1st): $400
  • Lost iPad Pro (2nd or higher): $1,300
  • Stolen iPad Pro (1st): $400
  • Stolen iPad Pro (2nd or higher): $1,300
  • Non-Return iPad Pro Keyboard: $170
  • Non-Return iPad Pro Pencil: $100
  • Non-Return iPad Pro Charging Adapter & Cable: $20
  • Late Returns of iPad Pro $150 10-30 business days from exiting the University
  • Late Returns of iPad Pro after 30 business days: up to $1,300
  • All iPads are the ownership of Lynn University and transfer to the student upon graduation and all outstanding fees paid.

Transcript Diploma Fees

There is no charge for an official transcript. These costs are covered by the Alumni Fund. Lynn University encourages all students to donate to the fund so that this service can be offered to future students. All student accounts must be paid in full before a transcript can be issued. Any loan exit requirements must be met as well as any loan default statuses resolved before a transcript can be released. Any outstanding debt paid by other methods besides cash will have a 10 business day waiting period before any official transcripts can be released.

There is no charge for a diploma. There is a $50 cost for a replacement diploma. Payment for a replacement diploma can be made at

Menu of Services - Student Tutoring, Coaching Writing Packages

Non-IAL students may enroll in services throughout the semester for tutoring, coaching, and writing center hours in various packages for additional lump sum fees. Packages vary from $750 - $2,950 for the semester. Once enrolled, there are no refunds on fees. Sign up for services is available in the Institute for Achievement and Learning in the Green Center.

Campus Safety Violations

Students will be issued parking violations that can range in amount from $50 - $200 per violation. Fees are automatically placed onto the student account and must be paid within 5 days.

Library Fines
Students may be assessed late return library materials fines. These fines are placed onto the student account and must be paid within 30 days.

Health Center Fees
Students may use the Lynn University Health Center. There are some items that require a charge and those will be assessed by the Health Center. These charges are placed onto the student account and must be paid within 30 days.

Lynn Identification Card

Lynn University requires that all students have an identification card. The Lynn ID card is required for the following services:

  • Meal plans
  • Access to Fitness Center
  • Self inquiry/identification
  • Library card
  • Housing access, for those rooms equipped for card entrance
  • Access to the campus after hours

(All new students will pick up their card at orientation.)

The Lynn Identification Card is only for the student. The student is not to give it to anyone else at any time. To protect cardholders, university and dining staff will examine ID cards when presented to confirm that the card is being used by the person to whom it was issued.

Student’s Responsibility

  • Students will be responsible for any activity, service, or privilege occurring on their card if it was loaned or given to another person.
  • The card must be presented upon request by a university official.
  • It is never to be used as collateral.
  • Lost or stolen cards need to be reported immediately to the Campus Card Office or Campus Safety Office.

Lost Identification Card

A lost or damaged card can be replaced with a $25 fee. Students must go to the cashier to make their payment. If the lost card is found, please return it to the Campus Card office, as it will no longer be valid on campus.

Return Check Fee

All returned checks written to Lynn University or returned electronic checks are subject to a returned payment fee of $20 per returned item. The student’s account will be automatically billed for $20.

Credit Balance Refunds

Any student account that has a credit balance on the account is eligible to have a refund processed. Families may choose to have the credit placed toward a future term or request that it be sent to their bank account. All refunds will be processed electronically.

Once requested, refunds normally require one to two weeks for approval and processing, from the time the credit is available on the account.

Students must complete a Refund Request form for each refund. The form is located at or in the Office of Student Financial Services located in the Green Center.

Late Payment Fee for Preregistered Students

All Day Division students who are preregistered for courses must pay their student accounts by Aug. 1, 2018 for the Fall 2018 semester, by Dec. 1, 2018, for the Spring 2019 semester and by May 1, 2019 for the summer 2019 term. If payment is not received by the due date, there will be a late payment fee of $500 assessed to the account for fall or spring semesters or $100 for the summer term.