Students matriculating in the College of Communication and Design and majoring in the following undergraduate programs: A.S. in Graphic Design or Multimedia Design; B.F.A. in Computer Animation, Digital Art and Design, Film and Television Production and Graphic Design; M.F.A. in Computer Animation or Graphic and Web Design, and Digital Media or Web Design Technology specializations in the M.S. in Communication and Media are required to purchase a Digital Toolkit. The Digital Toolkit has a retail value of $3,000 and is provided to Lynn University students in the above undergraduate programs at a discounted price of $1,500. The Digital Toolkit includes:

  • 17” Dell Precision laptop with 16 GB of Ram, 2.8GHz i7 processor, and 256GB SSD Hard Drive
  • Wacom drawing tablet
  • Wireless mouse
  • 1 TB external hard drive
  • Includes required software such as Zbrush 4R8 and Adobe Cloud.
  • Lynn University Warranty (4 years)
  • Lynn University Technical Support

Students who opt to provide their own equipment in lieu of purchasing the Digital Toolkit must meet the same requirements of the Digital Toolkit and will be responsible for technical support, as well as the purchase of all software needed for required courses.