Resident studentYearSemester
Room & board - double occupancy$12,170$6,085
Room & board - double with bathroom$13,250$6,625
Room and board - private with community bathroom$14,850$7,425
Room and board - private with shared bathroom$14,850$7,425
Room and board - private with private bathroom$15,460$7,730
Room and board - suite double with shared bathroom$15,400$7,700
Room and board - suite single with bathroom$15,900$7,950
Student services fee$1,000$500
Technology fee$750$375
Technology fee (returning seniors)$950$475
Course materials fee (new student)$500
Commuter student
Student services fee$1,000$500
Technology fee$400$200
Technology fee (returning seniors)$600$300
Course materials fee (new student)$500
Institute for Achievement and Learning
Institute A (1 year required)$11,750$5,875
Institute B (returning)$8,450$4,225
Mandatory international student insurance $1,390
Domestic student insurance$1,390
Other programs
Daytime, part-time or overload $1,040 per credit hour
Undergraduate online$295 per credit hour
Graduate returner (prior to Fall 2017)$725 per credit hour
Graduate new$740 per credit hour
Graduate Psych., C.J., Educ.$650 per credit hour
Ed.D. tuition$850 per credit hour
JTerm (if not full-time in Spring)$1,040 per credit hour
JTerm housing $1,155 3 weeks

Please note: Online is the equivalent of the undergraduate evening degree program. Daytime undergraduate students are eligible to take courses within the Online curriculum at the rate of their daytime program fees.