CIP: 090102

Media studies and practice provides an opportunity for students to design a major that more closely meets their professional and career objectives by selecting multiple areas of concentration. The major is composed of (1) a set of four common courses that provides foundational knowledge in communication media, (2) one upper-level elective from the College of Communication and Design and (3) two specializations (minors) from the following list:

  • • Advertising
    • Communication
    • Digital Art and Design
    • Film
    • Illustration
    • Multimedia Journalism
    • Photography
    • Public Relations
    • Social Media
    • Television

Media studies and practice is intended for students who are interested in identifying and organizing media-related specialties in new and innovative ways and who seek to create unique programs of study in communication, media and design.

As with all undergraduate students who select a major in the College of Communication and Design, they may also choose to declare a minor program of study. Accordingly, media studies and practice students have the option of concentrating in three academic areas: two specializations and one minor.

Depending on which specializations are selected, university core requirements may be fewer than 60, and correspondingly the number of electives may be greater.

  • COM 310 also meets DSSA 300 requirement
  • COM 475 also meets DJCG 400 requirement
Upper level electives CA/COM/CGD/GVC 3 credits
Upper Level Elective 3
Specialization - selected by student from list above 30 credits
Specializations 30

For specializations, see course requirements for undergraduate minors at the end of the College of Communication and Design section.

Free elective 14 credits
Elective 14
Total 120 credits