CIP: 090199

Excellence in communication contributes to success in all aspects of personal, professional and civic life. Citizens of the 21st century need to understand the communication opportunities, obligations and risks that emerge in an era of cultural diversity and conflict. Leaders, consultants, activists, and indeed all citizens, use communication to affect public opinion, mobilize interest groups, negotiate policy and maintain relations with people within their own and other cultures.

The academic major in Communication draws on a rich tradition of communication theories, and seeks to promote the knowledge, analysis and practical application of communication strategies.

  • COM 310 also meets DSSA 300 requirement
  • COM 477 also meets DSJCG 400 requirement
  • • COM 305 also meets DSSG 300 requirement
    • COM 341 also meets DJCA 300 requirement
    • COM 360 also meets DBRA 300 requirement
    • COM 436 also meets DBRG 400 requirement
    • COM 451 also meets DSSG 400 requirement
Upper level electives 6 credits
Upper Level Elective 6
Free elective 20 credits
Elective 20
Total 120 credits

3-year plan

4-year plan