CIP: 090900

Advertising, social media & public relations are multi-billion dollar industries that affect our lives on a daily basis. The average American views thousands of commercial messages per day. Moreover, these fields are continuing to grow domestically as well as globally. Advertising, social media and public relations clearly impact business, political and social arenas.

The Advertising, Social Media and Public Relations program is designed to prepare students for competitive success within a dynamic advertising/social media/public relations environment by offering students an opportunity to develop skills to assess both domestic and international perspectives, develop innovative approaches and implement creative designs.

The program is intended for students who are interested in positions such as, social media coordinators, copywriters, junior account executives, art directors, media planners, social media designers, advertising and public relations account executives, public relations specialists and strategic planners. The Advertising, Social Media and Public Relations major may also lead to careers in business, marketing and non-profit fields.

  • COM 310 also meets DSSA 300 requirement
  • COM 476 also meets DJCG 400 requirement
  • COM 360 also meets DBRA 300 requirement
  • COM 451 also meets DSSG 400 requirement
Upper level electives 12 credits
Upper Level Elective 12
Free elective 20 credits
Elective 20

*Optional Electives as listed in the 4-year plan are included within the semester tuition, but are not required for graduation.

Total 120 credits

3-year plan

4-year plan