Mission Statement

Lynn University’s College of Business and Management empowers students to thrive in the dynamic world of business.

The College of Business & Management strives to realize Lynn University's vision to be recognized as one of the most innovative, international and individualized small universities in America.

The core values of the College of Business and Management:

  1. Students: We view our students as our “clients” and our principle core value. In addition to their academic training, we will teach a commitment to community service, honesty and integrity in preparation for a successful career.
  2. Parents: We recognize parents as key “stakeholders” in the success of their students and the College of Business and Management overall. As such, we will seek their advice, counsel and support in our strategy, direction and initiatives.
  3. Academic Excellence: Outstanding faculty and staff combined with small class sizes and an emphasis on experiential education will be the cornerstone of a collaborative, diverse, effective and modern education.
  4. Global Competency: A global learning experience and international student body will reflect our commitment and belief that a high quality education and excellent student preparation for the business world can only come from a worldwide perspective and cultural knowledge.
  5. Business Partnerships: Integrated learning through internships with businesses and corporations that share our values will provide students with unique opportunities to build business skills and understanding to propel them to successful in their “life after Lynn”.
  6. Entrepreneurship and Innovation: We will encourage and teach students to embrace new ideas, challenges and opportunities that expose them to all possible career options.
  7. Lynn University: We acknowledge and embrace the Lynn University community and mission statement as the cornerstone of the College of Business and Management. We will welcome advice, resources and best practices for synergistic excellence and success.

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