CIP: 451001

Program description

The Political Science program at Lynn University is rooted in the liberal arts and offers students a course of study that has both depth and breadth. Coursework in the major encompasses the traditional areas of political science but, unlike some political science programs the major entails an integrated approach that does not isolate the subfields from each other or from those of other disciplines. The mission of the program is also to offer substantive areas of study that are complimented by a strong emphasis on critical and independent thinking about politics, history, international affairs, and public life among our majors and the student body in general.

The political science program also serves a central role in the larger mission of the university to prepare all students to contribute to the local, national, and global communities in positive ways. The Political Science faculty members are not only committed to this mission but to offering a student-oriented, personalized, innovative, and challenging program. Political Science majors at Lynn University will gain knowledge and exposure to politics through courses that integrate lectures, classic and contemporary readings, dialogues, technology, and experiential learning in the form of field research, study tours, the Model UN, guest lecturers, role-playing simulations, and internships.

  • CRJ 330 also meets DJCA 300 requirement
  • HUM 420 also meets DBRG 400 requirement
  • POL 302 also meets DSSG 300 requirement
  • POL 385 also meets DJCG 300 & DSL 300 requirement
  • POL 402 also meets DSSA 400 requirement
  • POL 495 also meets DJCG 400 requirement
Upper Level Electives 300 + 9 credits
Upper Level Elective 9
Free electives 17 credits
Elective 17
Total 120 credits

3-year plan

4-year plan