CIP: 030103

Program description

Human modification of the environment has been evident since the beginning of civilization and has proceeded at an accelerating rate from the Industrial Revolution to the present day. Human activities (i.e. anthropogenic activities) worsened by over population of the planet have affected the soil, water, vegetation, climate, animal life, as well as the surface of the earth itself. An awareness of environmental deterioration has forced us to seek remedies in an effort to make an environmentally sustainable future. Thus, there is a need for women and men trained to recognize, quantify, and seek solutions to environmental problems. Currently, the study of local and global environmental problems is one that is interdisciplinary with scholars and practitioners representing all natural and social sciences and most of the Humanities.

The proposed major in environmental studies is designed to provide students with a broad interdisciplinary foundation in the fundamentals of both the science and policy of the environment and its bi-directional impacts on humanity. With this background in hand, the student can tailor the major to her/his interests and career goals through the formal academic advising process. After graduation, majors will be trained to pursue graduate study in an environment-related field or seek employment in government agencies or industry. The major is also excellent preparation for a career in education, law, or the health sciences.

  • ENV 368 also meets DSL 300 requirement
  • ENV 450 also meets DJCG 400 & DSL 400 requirement
  • HUM 420 also meets DBRG 400 requirement
  • POL 385 also meets DJCG 300 & DSL 300 requirement
  • SCI 360 also meets DJCG 300 requirement
Upper level electives 300 + 8 credits
Upper Level elective Upper Level elective 8
Free electives 16 credits
Elective 16
Total 120 credits

3-year plan

4-year plan